The largest site of ancient copper production discovered so far is most probably linked to the modern mine of Sia. About 100 tons of slag were discoverd at the location called Sia-Anogia. Analytical work on slags and metals is in progress. Preliminary results show a similar technology as at Almyras.

Location of Sia-Anogia

More multiphase sites exclusively linked to copper production are to be expected in the Sia Valley. Future field work in this highly mineralized area has the potential to contribute considerably to the history of copper production on Cyprus over the last three millenia and will be necessary to accurately place ALMYRAS into a socio-economic and historical context.

Future archaeometallurgical investigation must ultimately concentrate on the assessment, documentation and protection of the remaining evidence of Cypriot copper working from all periods. These are an important but rapidly disappearing part of the cultural heritage of this country. In every spot where large mines in this century have been opened, remains of ancient working have been exposed. Erosion, thoughtless destruction and reuse of these open cast mines as garbage dumps call for considerable investment in emergency protection.

South Mathiati furnaces
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Protection of furnaces