Beers of Switzerland


Just a some years ago, Switzerland was the Country of a few beers, mostly not worth to mention.

In last days we can see a new age of craft beers, mainly in the French speaking cantons. In a few years many micro-breweries and brewpubs were born, offering to beerlovers the chance to taste different products from the serialized ones brewed by the major holdings.
Nethertheless, on the other side, the national giant Feldschlossen has acquired other breweries (Hurlimann, Cardinal, Valaisanne, Warteck, Gurten, ...), which hasn't improved the quality; in turn, Feldschlossen sold his beverage activity to Carlsberg (nov 2000). Samichlaus, the most famous Swiss beer, has gone out of production since 1996 (to the last 5 bottles in our cellar we dedicate this page background); many beers actually are brewed by a brewery that doesn't correspond to the label (Ackermann, Ittinger, Actienbrauerei, Frères Papinot, ...), which puts some confusion.

We don't intend to give in this page a social-economical description, or whatsoever, but just invite the visitors in this Country and its inhabitants to discover the hidden treasures that sometimes are just round the corner.
Thus we list the breweries (not always opened to the public), the brewpubs, the best shops (most of all specialized in Belgian beers, with a real huge selection; but also small shops with a few Swiss beers).

Here you will find:
 - a list of Swiss breweries;
 - a list of Swiss brewpubs;
 - a list of Swiss beer shops;
 - a list of interesting foreign breweries;
 - a list of Swiss beers, with marks.
 - by alphabetical order;
 - by canton.

Enjoy this trip, Malika & Alessandro.


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