Umbria 2001

This site is a collection of images taken during our last holidays, in Umbria, a central region of Italy, in July 2001.

In the smaller map in the upper-right corner, we see the position of Umbria inside Italy.

In the bigger map, the roads we covered are highlighted in red.

Nearly every village in Umbria has an history that dates back at least to the age of the Etruscan, in the 1st millennium b.C.; in many towns you can find an old Etruscan arch, Roman walls around it, Medieval buildings on top of the walls, Renaissance cathedrals. And every village or town is built on the top of a hill, which was a natural defense in those ages.

It's also a lively region, with museums, street concerts, public events; it's known for the good food, especially the cured meats, the mushrooms, the black truffle; they produce quality olive oil and good wines.


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