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I visited the city on the river Main between the 11th and the 15th of December, 2002.

The city was almost completely destructed during the WWII, and the new one presents itself as a combination of traditional and modern buildings.

In the 2 models here at right, the first shows the city as it was a few centuries ago, the second shows the city destroyed by the bombings, after the WWII.

If the modern and large boulevards (the walking street Zeil, for example) are well conceived, in the city center some horrible buildings spoil the beauty of the historical ones (reconstructed after the war). 

Here at left, two fascinating views of the Römer buildings and the Römerberg (place), illuminated by the bright Christmas lights.

And two last pictures, of the Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt) with the Römer in the back-left and of the Opera (with a huge advertisement, sic).


Beer sites
I never had a very positive feeling about drinking common beers in an ordinary pub, in Germany, but at least in Frankfurt there are 3 good brewpubs (Brauhaus).
The giant brewery Binding also produces an interesting Carolus Doppelbock.

 ¤ Zwölf Apostel, is the only one close to the center (Rosenbergerstr 1, subway to Konstablerwache; t. 069 288668), they usually have only 2 beers; nice place, warm, but I have the feeling that it's not really a traditional one;
 ¤ Wirtsbräu Wäldches, (Am Ginnheimer Wäldchen 8, Ginnheim, take the metro U1 to Niddapark; at the exit turn on the left, the restaurant is within walking distance; t. 069 520522) for the atmosphere, it's the nicest of the 3 brauhaus, not to miss; they usually have 3 beers, one is seasonal;
 ¤ Bier Hannes - Brauerei zur Mainkur, the most difficult to find (Hanauer Landstr 568, Fechenheim; take the tram #11 eastbound; there's a stop at Mainkur just in front of the restaurant; t. 069 412890), an old restaurant mainly for the local people;  they had 4 beers to propose, among those my favorite in Frankfurt, the Weihnachtsbock (strong Christmas beer, 7.3%ABV).

 ¤ Vetter, I didn't visit this brewery, which is in the near village of Oberursel ("The Vetter brewery in Heidelberg also has an outlet in Frankfurt since 1994 called the Alt Oberurseler Brauhaus in the Ackergase 13 - Im Deutschen Haus, D-61440 Oberursel, Tel: 6171-54370 Fax: 6171-56900. They produce the following range of beers. Brauhaus-Pils - Alt-Oberurseler Dunkel - Bockbier - Hefeweizen - Maibock - St. Ursula Doppelbock - The Strong 33% Stammwürze Vetter 33")

My visit

With Anand, at Zwölf Apostel , at Wäldches and Zur Mainkur