Welcome to a Circuit over 
the 'Strickler Homelands'

at Lake Zurich in Switzerland 

Photographed by Ferdinand Strickler
Pilot:  Hansjoerg Huber, Fluggruppe Hasenstrick
Crew: Hansjakob Strickler with his son Simon and his daughter Sandra
Airport: Hasenstrick near Rueti
Date: June 3, 2000


1. Dam over the lake of Zurich at Rapperswiler, Islands Ufenau and Luetzelau
2. Richterswil, Samstagern
3. Richterswil, in the forest runs the Muehlbach from the Sternensee, on the left Wollerau
4. Richterswil, (there is a Youth Hostel on the small peninsula Horn)
5. Richterswil with the peninsula Horn
6. Richterwil, Protestant Church, above the freeway and the Gruenfeld
7. Richterswil with Sternen, Samstagern, on the right in the background Schoenenberg
8. Freeway, Sternensee at the end of the forest, Samstagern, Huettnersee, Schoenenberg
9. Sternensee, Gruenfeld, railway station Samstagern, Huettnersee
10. Sternensee, Gruenfeld, Samstagern, Huettnersee
11. Samstagern with railway station
12. Huettnersee with Faelmis, Seeli and Neuhof
13. Huettnersee with Neuhof, Boeschen, Saegel, in the background Schoenenberg
14. Huettnersee with Neuhof, Spitzrain, Laubegg, Boeschen, Haengerten, Saegel
15. Huettnersee with Faelmis, Bellen, Moos, Nuemueli, Itlimoosweiher
16. Itlimoosweiher, Nuemueli, Bellen, Seeli, Faelmis and Samstagern
17. Richterswil with Horn
18. Richterswil
19. Richterswil, Protestant Church
20. Schwanden, Gruenfeld, Sternen, Samstagern, in the background Schoenenberg
21. Muehlbachwald, Sternen, Samstagern, Huettnersee, Huetten, on the left Erlen (Wollerau)
22. Erlen (Wollerau), Itlimossweiher, Huettnersee
23. Freeway crosses the Muehlbachwald, Sternen, Schwanden, Gruenfeld, Samstagern
24. Sternen, Sternensee, Gruenfeld, Samstagern
25. Transmitting Tower on Hoehronen
26. The Church of Schindellegi
27. Scherenspitz, Rossberg seen from the east
28. Sternen, Richterswil, Halbinsel Au, Lake of Zurich
29. Third Altmatt, valley of the Biber
30. First Altmatt, in the background Rothenthurm
31. Monastery Einsiedeln
32. Mythen
33. Traces of the tempest 'Lothar'
34. Toedi
35. Claridenstock, Schaerhorn, Kammlistock, Gross Ruchen
36. More mountains
37. Hansjakob Strickler with his kids Simon and Sandra
38. A view back: dam of Rapperswil, Ufenau, Luetzelau, Pfaeffikon, Wollerau
39. Bachtel with Zurcher Oberland
40. Bachtel with Wernetshausen and Hinwil
41. Bachtel
42. Approaching the airfield Hasenstrick
43. Airfield Hasenstrick
44. Our Pilot Hansjoerg Huber
45. Hansjakob, Simon and Sandra with sun glasses
47. Leaving the plane
48. Hansjakob Strickler wishes good bye