The Oriental Princess of Jazz...

Find out some biographical background about Aziza

You know what they say: never judge a book--or a CD if you please--by its cover... Well, here you may, trust me, because regardless of your judgment of the outside of this mysterious beauty, what's inside (the CD...) is ever the more gratifying!
jazziza... is not only the title of her most recent CD but the apt description of a fusion of two remarkable spheres, whose effortless linguistic conflation is an indication of the fact that their encounter was predestined: the unlimited realms of Jazz music on the one hand, and an equally boundless and brilliant young pianist from the former Soviet enclave Azerbaijan,

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh.

What happens when those two worlds meet? Find out and embark on a musical journey that brings you to the shores of what I'd like to call the "Aziza Experience"...