Here is a selection of sounds from Aziza's albums. For copyright reasons (as well as space) they're excerpts, designed as appetisers, to give you an impression of what this talk is really all about...

All in mp3 format they may take a while to download, but the quality is worth while the download time!

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From Aziza Mustafa Zadeh
Two Candles (1.25 Mb) 
Chargah (1.2Mb)

From Always
Dangerous Piece (1.5 Mb)

From Dance of Fire:
Dance of Fire (1.5 Mb) 
Bana Bana Gel (1 Mb)

From Seventh Truth
Ay Dilber (1.4 Mb)

From jazziza
Lover Man (329 Kb)
Nature Boy (867 Kb)
Take Five (1.6 Mb)

From Inspiration: Colors & Reflections
Waiting for Aziza (1,7 Mb)