Story Nr.4
Here now a story of a english - friend 

When I was in sixth grade, I already had a well-developed crush fetish. My friend a I used to play in a parking lot near a large corporate office building. There were many young, sexy women coming out to their cars atquitting time around 5PM. I clearly remember one particular woman. She wore very high heels. My guesswould be that they were 5" to 6" high.
She would walk to her car, swaying hips back and forth, like in the movies. She walked along a little path toget to her car parked in a satellite parking lot. I would watch in amazementas each heel crashed down on the soil and sank a little. She was the master over everything in her path! After she left, I inspected every heel hole andsole imprint closely to see what got crushed.
Occasionally, she had stepped on a twig or leaf and snapped the twig without looking back. I decided Ineeded to see her step on something that is alive.I went to the bait store and bought about 10 crickets and 10 snails. I tookoff the hind legs of the crickets so they couldn't jump away. I saw the ladywalking this way so I dumped the crickets in the path. As she got closer, my heart raced.
She was about ten feet from them when she spotted them as she approached. When she got there, I thought she would jump over or walk around them. Instead, she stopped, looked down, and started grinding them out one byone like a cigarette. I guess she figured that was her duty and that theywere in her path and she wasn't going to let anything get in her way.
When the crushing was complete, she looked up at me watching her. She winked and smiled as she turned to walk away. After she drove away, I went over to thewar zone and looked closely at the destruction. Some creatures had gone underthe spike heels and were partially pushed into the ground. I had to go andjerk-off somewhere. As the days went by, I dreamed of a way to feel the sting of those cruel heels on me, but as most fetishes know, the dream rarelybecomes reality.
Everyday I watched her comings and goings and exactly where she parked her car. She consistently parked her car (A Chevrolet Malibu) in the same exact same space. I noticed a manhole cover in the parking lot near the driver'sdoor of her car. The cover had a 1-1/2" in the center and a couple dozen 1"holes near the rim but about 3" from the edge. I located the large concrete drainpipe that apparently connected to that manhole. The pipe was open atboth ends, so I felt safe to go in. My heart was racing as I heard her approach. She clicked onto the cover and I was startled suddenly see herstanding just an inch from the hole. I could see up her dress as she wasfumbling for her keys. She was wearing a short and loose pleated skirt thatlet a little light through. The insides of her soft but muscular thighs were softly illuminated, as wereher pale pink panties. She seemed to be in a hurry and was fidgeting a lot.She brought her knees together often and her panties appeared to have a large and growing damp spot. I was wondering if I was going to get a golden shower! The pleasant aroma of her warm piss was intoxicating. It was sooo sexy to seeup her muscular legs and me below her unknowingly.

As she got into her car, I slid two of my fingers up through the center hole in hopes she would run over them with her back tire, since her front tire was past it. She drove away and missed me completely. I could only feel a breezeas the wheel passed by. I was so frustrated and disappointed.
Several more times I tried but with no luck. One day I noticed that she had parked a little farther back from the manhole cover this time. I decided to try a piece of cardboard across a portion ofthe cover. Again, I slid two of my fingers up through the center hole butunder the cardboard. I could still view upward through any one of a dozen or so open holes near the edge of the cover. I now heard those clicking heelsapproaching. I was in position under ground. As she walked to her driver's door, she stepped on the cardboard. Instantly, I felt her right heel punchthrough the cardboard and directly onto my middle finger just below theknuckle. The heel must be living and knowing I was there.

It couldn't have been more accurately place if it were deliberately and carefully planned. Shewas looking for her keys in her purse. As she was searching, she supportedher purse with her left leg bent and much of her weight shift to her right heel. It hurt like hell but felt sooo damn good. I didn't want to jerk myfinger away for fear of blowing my cover (so to speak). She started her car and my heart was pumping really fast, I didn't know what to expect. I heardthe engine running and there was a long pause. Perhaps she was putting onmake up or something. I heard the engine speed change and the clunk of the transmission engaging. Suddenly my fingers flattened. I was in such a shocktrying to take the sudden but momentary pressure that I almost fell off the ladder that was in place access the manhole. As I was about to pull myfingers back, the back tire ran over them too!
The last two joints were squished.
This surprised the hell out of me. I felt like moaning because my fingers were not level to the cover. The tires left distinct tire marks on both of my fingers. Both fingers felt so very warm. She didn't even know thatshe had run over me flattened my fingers. That aspect excited me too.I told my parents that I had caught my fingers in the sprocket of my bicycle.
I devised and perfected other ways for body part crushing, but it took a few more years to think up the ways. I've had my arms, hands, legs, feet, stomach, chest and yes even my head run over by SMALL cars driven by anattractive young women. I may be horny and kinky as hell, but I'm certainlynot stupid!


My name (nickname) is Footpath. I live in Southern New England in the U.S.A. This story was taken off the net. I am the author of this story and several others with the Footpath signature. Kindly give me the credit (recognition) for being the writer.
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