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What the heck is Advance Map (AM)?

AM is a program to edit the Maps in a Pokémon game. Additional, you can edit the Movement data (the data that sets where you can move on a Map), rearrange the blocks of the tilesets, edit the behavior of tiles, edit the Events on a Map (People, Signs, Warps...), add new events, export Map files, show the People on a map as their representative Sprites, And a lot more, just take a look at it.^^


AdvanceMap History

Newest version: Advance Map 1.92
Newest Language-Pack ver 1.0.4 (05/24/2008) (You have to extract the files from the ZIP into AdvanceMaps main folder.)

All versions:

Advance Map 1.92 : (05/24/2008) detailed description
- new Chinese and Korean Languagefile
- Amount of Blöcks will be calculated
- great-block function for the Blockeditor
- new formats for palettes
- divers BugFixes

Advance Map 1.91 : (05/11/2008) detailed description
- Resize function now working correct
- you can set the Movement permissions transparency
- MapFiles of older AdvanceMap Versions now working also
- divers BugFixes

Advance Map 1.90 : (02/18/2008) detailed description
- The data (NOT the picture) of the world map can be changed!
- The "black map" bug is now completely fixed.
- You can now change the palette data of blocks in the Block editor.
- AdvanceMap is now available in Japanese and other new languages.
- including language pack 1.0.3

Advance Map 1.82 : (07/12/2006) detailed description
- Several bugfixes in several sections
- New functions for Block editor (Export Blocks, Change amount)
- Added Music INIs
- Optimized Connection Manager

Advance Map 1.81 : (03/10/2006)
- but in renaming in fr/lg fixed
- offset problem (only 0,4,8 or C) integrate in the re-point window
- Border Box replaced into the Map Tap
- correct the refresh after Map renaing
- now the the persons in the 1.row in the Sprite view will be shown
- you can now change the TilesetPic in the Block editor (insert uncompresed)

Advance Map 1.80 : (02/20/2006) detailed description
- The AdvanceMap.ini has been re-done completely.
- You can insert new Maps.
- The language files have been re-done and extended.
- You can add new Connections and Wild Pokémon.
- There's a Toolbar
- several Bugfixes and small changes

Advance Map 1.76 : (04/16/2005) detailed description
Mirror: Advance Map 1.76 (Mirror)
- The buttons to add map connections... weren't enabled.
- Old version(1.75) was deleted.

Advance Map 1.75 : (04/12/2005) detailed description
- The Flight position can be changed.
- You can follow, change, edit, delete map connections.
- With Middleclick the actual area will be filled.
- With Ctrl+Middleclick all same blocks on the map will be filled.

Advance Map 1.70 : (02/20/2005) detailed description
Mirror: Advance Map 1.70 (Mirror)
- When you close the Offset window the process will be aborted.
- Palettes of the Sprites were fixed.
- Mapname set to 18 characters only.
- added Wild Pokemon for fr/lg in ini.
- With Ctrl+Rightclick kyou can select a whole block and draw it.
- Used tilesets can be shown under the "Header" tab.

Advance Map 1.60 : (01/01/2005) detailed description
Mirror: Advance Map 1.60 (Mirror)
- AM is now compatible with Pokemon Fire-Red and Leaf-Green in all languages.
- Pokemon Emerald Japanese is supported too.
- Sprites can be shown
- BlockPalette width changeable
- Map-Settings like Name, Weather,... can be edited.
- More comfortable entering of new offsets
- Warps can be followed

Advance Map 1.50 : (09/27/2003)
- Advance Map is now Officially "Copyright by LU-HO".
- The pictures in the Block editor are now displayed larger
- Behavior data editable
- Pokemon- and MapNames are loaded from the Rom
- This version is compatible with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire:
Japanese, English, German, French, Italie and Spanish.

Advance Map 1.49 : (07/17/2003) detailed description
- Man kann die Map... in doppelter grösse anzeigen.
- Advance Map ist in 5 Sprachen (Deutsch, English, Nederlands, Svenska,Français) komplett verfügbar.
- 3 weiter sprachen sind teilweise verfügbar: Português, Italiano, Espaniol.
- Die Gehdaten werden besser angezeigt (deshalb ist AM 200KB kleiner)
- Map suchen würde rausgelöscht, da man das ja eh nicht mehr braucht^^

Advance Map 1.48 : (07/10/2003)
- Wild Pokemon changable
- Added End User Agreement
- Added Splash screen
- Pokemon R/S german compatible
- Fixed Save as bug
- other Bug Fixes

Advance Map 1.47 : (07/05/2003)
- Event amount changeable
- Save, Load and insert Map from file (*.map)
- actual Event with red border
- Chooseable Comboboxes(top) or MapList(Left)
- you can hit enter in the MapList now to switch to that Map

Advance Map 1.46 : (06/18/2003)
- This Version runs on Win95, Win98 und WinMe.
- from now on everything will be displayed in normal size

Advance Map 1.45 : (06/17/2003)
- some small Bug Fixes
- The game is no longer loaded to the ram. Changes will be applied right after you save!!!

Advance Map 1.40 : (05/18/2003)
- just some small Bug Fixes
- Show Events, change Position/Propertys, Save

Advance Map 1.30 : (05/11/2003)
- More Bug Fixes
- Reads Tilesets from Rom ( no longer needed)
- Reads Maps from Header

Advance Map 1.20 : (04/20/2003)
- All Maps
- Needs

Advance Map 1.10 : (04/17/2003)
- just some small Bug Fixes
- Needs

Advance Map 1.00 : (04/16/2003)
- Show and save maps
- Show and save Move data
- edit block data
- all things can be displayed in doubled size
- Grid is show- and hideable
- Map/Block picture saveable
- Ruby/Sapphire English/Japanese compatible (for all (read from header versions) add the new "AdvanceMap.ini"....)
- Whole game is loaded to the ram
- Map search function
- Needs