Kyushu Q1W1 Tokai

Kit: Fine Molds 1/72

The kit is very nicely detailed, but needs a little fitting here and there. The anti submarine bombs need to be reworked and the radar antennae must be replaced, since the kit parts are of completely wrong shape. The model has further been supplied by a white metal Lews typ MG also available from Fine Molds. 


b029.jpg (48597 Byte)

Source: Military Aircraft Nov. 93 Vol. 3 No. 5, Delta Publishing, Tokyo

The Tokai (code name Lorna) was the first purpose built submarine hunter in the world. Besides the search radar some planes were equipped with magnetic anomaly detection gear. The 610 PS (!) Amakaze engines had been selected for two reasons: they were the most economic and the most reliable aircraft engines available in Japan.


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The model shows a plane of the 901st Kokutai, based at Shanghai, China, in 1945.

Last update 7. August 2003