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Shortcut to Why Windows7 Sucks


New Mac OS, Sierra: DO NOT Upgrade.

I should have known better not to go to a newly released OS. Many applications don't work under Sierra and there are loads of problems with it. It took me hours to downgrade back to El Capitan which is a solid OS. Given my setup I'll avoid going to Sierra as long as possible.

There are many online guides on how to downgrade but some of them are buggy. This is how I did it:

1. Download El Capitan from the Mac Store (it's free). Create a bootable flash drive. My drive is called RED in this Terminal command:

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ --volume /Volumes/RED --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\

2. Take a full backup (not using Time Machine).
3. You better have a TimeMachine backup of your system or another Image backup before the upgrade.
4. Erase Sierra by restarting while holding Command-R. This puts you in a boot menu with access to DiskUtility which you can use to format your main drive where the OS is on.
5. Reboot using the flash drive you created above. Do this by starting the system while holding the Option key. It puts you in another boot menu where you tell the system to boot from the flash drive.
6. When booted you have a clean OS (El Capitan).
7. Use the TimeMachine backup to restore your system fully.
8. Use the backup of files before downgrade to bring it up to date.
It worked beautifully. TimeMachine is great. MacOS in general rocks and makes Windows look like a toy.

Good luck.

DEC  2015 -- WINDOWS 10

Vicious adware on browsers (firefox, IE, etc.) where you click a link, an ad window opens. Only program that got rid of it was Adware Cleaner:

Windows 7 image back up does not work for many people. You can back up but can't restore. HP backup before reimage also doesn't work - can back up but restore fails.

Windows 10 is better than Windows 7 but it's still a DOS patch work.

DEC  2015 -- WINDOWS 10 - Nasty Permission Issue (typical of Windows hack job)

"you require permission from"  "to make changes to this folder"

You require permission from administrators to make changes to this folder. I'm an administrator on my pc but I can't delete files and it keeps on saying you need permission.

I am an Administrator, but I keep getting errors like, "You require permission from Administrators to make changes to this file."


There are many ideas out there but this is the most simple and best solution, thanks to takeownership people.


Solution: Delete any images from the sender's mail you're replying to.


filesearchex BY -- very nice software.


iMovie is too amateur -- Corel VideoStudio or Adobe Premiere Pro are better.


Seems like Presonus Studio One is very cool and some people prefer it to Logic Pro.
I'm trying to decide to stick with Protools or not
Salesman: Protools: old school, new pricing: $100 gets up to to P12 and can stay there.


Vicious adware on browsers (firefox, IE, etc.) where you click a link, an ad window opens. Only program that got rid of it was Adware Cleaner:      adwcleaner_5.022.exe

But sometimes it's a nasty one like on Windows 10's Chrome there's a popup adware that's hard to kill -- e.g. Reimage Repair pop-up ad.
Solution is to run aadware cleaner first adwcleaner
and then run malwarebytes anti-malware.


Remove unwanted RunDLL popup such as "there was a problem starting c:\users etc.etc   KitLogo.dll -- or         dvp.dll -- best is to download a wonderful software called AUTORUNS by SYSINTERNALS -- and click to run it as administrator -- and it'll show kiklogo and get rid of it.


Folks, chill out... correct me if I'm wrong but if you like a post the person who posted it controls who can see it. Am I correct to assume if a friend shared a public post and set the privacy to friends only, if you click like, only that friend's friends will see your like and not your own friends (unless they're a mutual friend). It's simple.

If you don't want people to see your like of PUBLIC posts, don't "like" it. Public posts means everyone sees your likes including your friends.

Judie Green : If you make a comment or like something on someone else's post or photo then that person who originally made the post is in control of who is able to view it and all of the comments and likes.


OCT  2015 -- MS PROJECT 

How to stop MS project from displaying welcome screen? Options/General/Disable Display Help On Startup

Thunderbird 38.2.0 has a bug: it goes offline after standby. Went into to toosl/options/advanced/network/offline/remember previous online status -- still didn't help.

SEP  2015 -- MS PROJECT 

Thunderbird doesn’t accept username password of gmail.


Set it to on.


Facebook has old description of youtube video. Can run facebook debug script but my still not seem to work – but if you click POST FB fetches the updated description

AUG  2015 -- Thunderbird 38.2.0 bug 

Thunderbird 38.2.0 has a bug: it goes offline after standby. Went into to toosl/options/advanced/network/offline/remember previous online status -- still didn't help.

 When resume from standby, TB is always in offline mode. Only happens in latet version of TB (38.2.0) - I'm reverting to old version.

Just reverted to

and it does NOT have that problem. So this is definitely a 38.2 bug.

JUL  2015 -- Audacity echoes

Audacity echoes on recording.
Solution: edit/preferences/recording turn off "Play Through"

MAR  2015 -- Can't download quicktime

Firefox has problem downloading Quicktime. Try another browser.

MAR  2015 -- Post Facebook (or other url) on Yahoo


MAR  2015 -- Recover Audacity .AU files

MAR  2015 -- Make Youtube Video Play Continuously
where EZfdmWylQP8 is the video number

FEB  2015 -- Compare directories (folders) to see what files are missing from one of the other and much more...

great utilitiy:

WinMerge is an Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows. WinMerge can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text format that is easy to understand and handle.

WinMerge is highly useful for determining what has changed between project versions, and then merging changes between versions. WinMerge can be used as an external differencing/merging tool or as a standalone application.

FEB  2015 - MAC sucks in so many ways...

Mac’s restart is not really a restart. 

I used my powerful Mac for a few weeks when the other big computer was in the shop. I tried hard to like it. I do like Macs enough to have spent thousands buying a top of the line for music -- but for everyday office use Mac is a drag. 

FEB  2015 - MAC control tab switch windows in same application 

Windows has a nice feature to let you choose to group all of an app's windows or not and can switch with control tab. MAC doesn't allow that. Instead (not as good) in Mac within an app can hit Command  plus the key above tab (~ key).

FEB  2015 -  FACEBOOK doesn't show linked website thumbnail 

Make sure if using domain routing it's done via HTTP and not FRAME so the destination domain name is not locked and is dynamic. This way Facebook can pick up the image.
And run the domain through Facebook Debug to reset FB internal database.


To remove Firefox addons

enter about:plugins into the location bar, there should be a full file-path be shown next to the outdated adcrobat addon

use windows explorer to navigate to that path & delete the appropriate file.

Google’s blue arrows HOW TO MAKE GOOGLE NOT JUMP SEARCH RESULTS SCROLL How to Enable Smooth Scrolling Feature in Google

turn off instant search and you get rid of that nightmarish blue arrow forever 1. go to
2. from the google bar on the top right, select settings, then search settings
3. At the Google Instant option, select 'Do not use google Instant'


The menu bar and tabs may not be visible in Task Manager.
To switch Task Manager to its typical display mode, double-click the top border of the window.


     Windows 98/ME: Windows\Application Data\Audacity
    Windows 2000/XP: Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Audacity
    Windows Vista and 7: Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Audacity
    OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/audacity
    Linux: ~/.audacity-data

Oct  2014 -  Delete All Gmail Contacts more than 250 at a time



It works great.

Aug  2014 -  Netzero Free Dialup 

To disable internet explorer iexplore.exe can't be deleted but  the rest of the stuff in that and subfolders can be deleted and IE is finally dead thank god.

Oct  2014 -  Have windows remember window locations

Windows 7 won't remember my desktop folder locations

Aug  2014 -  Export Youtube Tags

How to export tags from a youtube video – copy youtube tags

Go to the last dag – after it there’s empty slot for next tax. Control A – control C – you got it made!

Aug  2014 -  Android

Google Play Services won't update
Solution: delete and re-add your google account


The "Local Folders has 1 new message" icon shows up in the tray along with the system sound for "New Mail Notification" but there are no new messages.

Tools>account settings under server settings make sure automatically download new messages is checked. Do this for each account.


Aug  2014 -  Superstart addon for Firefox 

I'm going crazy trying to figure out how to ungroup or delete a group

“please click a group, then drag the links out for the group, wait for a while and it will be placed out of the group, when there is only one link in a group, the group will become a normal icon.” 



Aug  2014 -  Remove SIM on a Galaxy

To take out a SIM card out of a Samsung Galaxy (or Note) use an eraser and gently push it on the SIM.

May  2014 -  Security 

Suggestion made to uninstall "file and printer sharing for Microsoft networks" from wireless properties. 

May  2014 -  Go back to old google maps 

new google maps is a disaster.
Go back more permanently

To switch to classic Maps for longer than a single session, follow the steps below.

    Go to the new Google Maps.
    Click the Help button in the bottom right corner.
    Click Return to classic Google Maps.
    Click Yes in the notification bar that appears.
    On the landing page that appears, follow the instructions to opt out permanently. Any feedback you could provide as to why you wanted to opt out will be valuable in improving the product for you in the future.

May  2014 -  Switch Firefox from Beta to Prod (Release) 

  1. Close Firefox.
  2. Go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\pref
  3. Edit channel-prefs.js with Notepad pref("", "release");
  4. save it, exit, open firefox.

May  2014 -  Avoiding Last XP Update 

Got rid of a bunch of Firefox extensions.




And added
TAB MIX PLUS which includes session manager

April  2014 -  Avoiding Last XP Update 

I don't trust MS not messing up my system with the last XP update. I experienced speed issues and got message about end-of-life of XP. Promptly removed the last update.


As a poweruser I like XP -- it still sucks as an OS compared to better ones but in itself from a poweruser standpoint is FAR SUPERIOR to Win7 or Win8 both of which suck bigtime. I'd go full in Mac before I buy another Win7 or Win8 machine. No way in hell I'm going to Win8.

Bottom line is I'm staying on XP indefinitely -- probably for long time to come :) and MS can't do sugar about it.

Me and millions of others will never migrate away from XP because both Windows 7 and 8 suck big time (see below). I even removed my latest update because I don't trust MS. My system was sluggish after the last upgrade. Not that I love XP but it works. It's a lousy OS anyway compared to much better OS's but FAR better than 7 and 8 for a power user like me. Of course those OS's are better in some ways but XP overall including POWER USER experience beats its rivals hands down. My next OS will be MAC on all my my systems if I'm forced to dump XP.


I look for a lot more than not crashing in an OS. XP never crashes on me -- I love the stability.
For more on why 7 absolutely sucks (while internally it may be good)  see

Mar 2014 -  Avast Grime

Uninstall Avast Grime by going into control panel / programs / choose avast and click on change and uncheck Grime Fighter

Mar 2014 -  VPN

I have lots of email accounts and when I travel gmail security check etc are painful to deal with so I looked for a VPN but decided not to use it.

I did some research on various VPN's.  Hotspotshield sends the real IP as part of a header probably (maybe just to https sites)  (not good).

PureVPN is out of Hong Kong. They have some new servers not yet in reference tables so locations are not up to date (not good).

Hidemyass is a solid software. Their openVPN + Autopath is supposed to be compareable to pptp speed but it doesn’t work because their autopath doesn't work (bombed every time with support on phone both on XP and WIN7. Furthermore their virtual servers don't download gmail (not good). Support is alright but they take a trial and error approach and are not very informed or scientific so it wasted a lot of my time. 

Another issue is if you use a VPN many sites don't like the connection. So I decided not to use it.

Jan 2014 -  Mac Pain

Try to change the rate (speed) of screen saver image change.  It's like pulling teeth. Esoteric as hell. 

Jan 2014 -  InDesign Text Wrapping Around Photos

Control Alt W.

Jan 2014 - Audacity default MP3 storage folder


C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Audacity\audacity.cfg

Dec 2013 -  Put Firefox out of full screen


Oct 2013 -  Shift display from vertical to horizontal etc.

Control + Alt + arrow keys

Oct 2013 -  Firefox > Chrome

Dumped firefox for chrome on HP after hours wasted on sound issues on one of the systems -- Firefox seems like an old clunker compared to Chrome but still using it on my main laptop.

Aug  2013 -  Paste Youtube Tags

enter all tags in WORD with commas in between and paste into Youtube tags !

Oct  2013 -  Firefox session management SUCKS -- solution: Session Manager addon -- but it's still unreliable so best to manually save session to ensure recovery

10/20/2013 2:07 AM

Wated hours trying to figure out how to make sense of corrupted sessionstore.js file – most articles are on restoring sesseionstore.bak but that’s not my problem.

Nothing worked until I came across this:

“My sessionstore got corrupted so I'm doing this manually (the other solutions I found didn't work - I think sessionstore.js got corrupted which was why FF didn't load it in the first place)

I replaced all instances of "url":" with "^p^p"url":"" (2 new paragraphs).

And then I search for lines with ""title":" as there're many nonsense lines going to Facebook/Twitter/about:blank/Google+ pages

Hope this helps others

I need to use a Session Manager to save my last few sessions...”

Voila !! the title search puts me to all the urls for my open tabs before the crash.
Because of repeat issue with session problems I am thinking of dumping firefox altogether but only if Chrome passes my test. I used session manager before but it had too much overhead. We’ll see.

Since I don’t have the bandwidth to switch browsers I’ll give firefox a last chance but will use session manager.

[spoke too early -- title is 680 of them................... impossible to go through.............. back to square one

Sep  2013 -  Mozilla best speed dial new tab 

go to
put in there
and then restart when it asks you
new tab speed dial is now set up
just add the sites you want by clicking + button
I tried different new tab speeddials and this one is the best and fastest (others slow down a new tab opening, etc.)

Aug  2013 -  XFAT

lessson: XFAT sucks - consumes far too much space. Only use for Mac portability not for archives.

You probably know that you can enter all tags in one hit if you copy them from WORD with each tag separated by a comma.

Sep  2013 -  Firefox  sessionstore.js

I hate the way firefox handles sessions and doesn't have native way of saving a session like Opera does.  Using addons adds extra overhead and sometimes produces errors and lack of integrity of auto saved session.

sessionstore.js can get corrupted and deciphering through a corrupt java script file is no fun

solution I found was to move it to system with firefox which has session manager add on installed and that guy can read the corrupted sessionstore.js file ! Bingo!

Sep  2013 -  Change drive letter (not recommended)

change OS drive letter windows xp
Find the drive letter you want to change to (new). Look for "\DosDevices\C:".
Right-click \DosDevices\C:, and then click Rename.

May  2013 - Recover emptied trash bin of Thunderbird

To recover empties thunderbird trashcan:

If you haven't compacted folders, exit TB, copy the trashcan file itself (under TB folder).

Then download and run the reset mailbox utility:

Then download and install the import/export tool:

and it imports the output of the reset program as the recovered folder.

Jul  2013 - Control Tab Mac

06/29/2010 02:52 PM PDT
Here is an easier work around than getting a third party app, which I discovered by accident. I quit minimizing windows when I figured this one out. Instead of minimizing windows, hide them with command-h. Then to bring with back, use command-tab and highlight the hidden app and all its windows will reappear on your desktop. This is so much better than having to use finger gymnastics to add the option key, which is hard to use when you already have a finger on the command key.

Command-Tab to minimized windows

May  2013 - Turn off beep of wireless connection

Intel ProSet Wireless - open wifi connection utility -- then press control-P -- uncheck the 'Show Information Notifications' box..

Apr  2013 - Firefox  duplicate Open New Tab button 

put the existing open new tab button on another toolbar.
Then created a userChrome.css file in
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\k3t9u98e.default-1352740564937\chrome

and put this code in it:
@namespace url("");
#new-tab-button { visibility: visible !important; }
.tabs-newtab-button { visibility: visible !important; }

Then restarted firefox and brought the open new tab back to the tab toolbar - now I have a duplicate (second) open new tab button -- one on each side of tabs -- it's VERY useful.

Apr  2013 - Firefox Global Close Tab button

1. Type "about:config" in the address bar.
2. Search for "browser.tabs.closeButtons"
3. Change the value to 3.

Jul  2013 - Mozilla

Mozilla profile folder on Mac
Library folder.  Open the "Application Support" folder, then open the "Firefox" folder, and then the "Profiles" folder.

Apr  2013 - Google doesn't work in Opera 

Reason: corrupted profile folder - get one off backup or delete and reinstall.

search engine adr of amazon in opera

Apr  2013 - Turn off automatic update in Opera 

From the menu, go to Opera > Preferences > Advanced Preferences > Security.

Apr  2013 - Best Opera version 

I downgraded from Opera 12.15 to 11.52 -- 11.52 is much faster and is stable and doesn't have all the hangups of newer version. I think 11.52 is the best version of opera. It can be downloaded from

Apr  2013 - Opera tab bar

Opera Tab Bar below menu bar


enable show menu

Mar 2013 -  New Gmail Account; POP3; Thunderbird can't delete Application Data folder on desktop:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\
profile was: lozu6adz.default
solution : find your prefs.js file -- in Drive:\Thunderbird
edit it and delete every line that has reference to that profile name (in this case "lozu6adz")

Mar 2013 -  Gmail bundling mails into threads

you can turn off Conversation View:
so gmail behaves like you expect it and if you have new mail it doesn't bundle it up into a thread and just up the counter (hard to see / keep track).

To do so go to SETTINGS (top right of gmail screen there's wheel.
then in the GENERAL tab
Conversation View to Conversation view off

Feb  2013 -  Load Thunderbird Address Book From Excel or other file.

Time to time my adr book shoots up north of 14000 -- time to clean up -- load up personal list of about 1000 addresses quickly from Excel.

I Built up a text file using WORD replace function to inset before and after the email adr in the following order

The import attributes are, in order:
First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Nickname, Primary Email, Secondary Email, Work Phone, Home Phone, Fax Number, Pager Number, Mobile Number, Home Address, Home Address2, Home City, Home State, Home Zipcode, Home Country, Work Address, Work Address2, Work City, Work State, Work Zip, Work Country, Job Title, Department, Organization, Web Page 1, Web Page 2, Birth Year, Birth Month, Birth Day, Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Custom 4, Notes

each record is for example:


Import as text - works like a champ

Feb  2013 -  Word URL doesn't work in PDF

Solution: use

Jan  2013 -  Delete Thunderbird Tab -- even the main tab
Thanks a lot to this very valuable tip I gained a lot of realestate:

Hide tabs when there is only 1. Go to Tools --> Options --> Advanced --> General (tab) and click the "Config Editor..." button. If a cautionary dialog box pops up then click the "I'll be careful, I promise!" button. Start typing in the filter line of the small window that opens. Type "mail.tabs.autoHide". You will see a seeting with this preference name in the list below. Double click it to change it to "true".

Jan  2013 -  Outlook 2003 missing subject field in search

Field Chooser - frequenty used fields - missing subject - it's not missing - it's displayed but probably hidden among many other fields - if it's not on the frequenty used fields it's displayed - look and it's there.

Jan  2013 -  Windows XP service pack 3 download

Jan  2013 -  Thunderbird forward or reply sent message doesn't use default account.

Solution: set identity of non default account to default account (when non def is used only for receiving).

Jan  2013 -  FREE OCR

Jan  2013 -  google search in title bar returns a 302 error?

 3xx codes are all redirect codes - you'll generally see them if you've (deliberately or accidentally) disabled automatic redirection. Go to  <Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Network > Enable automatic redirection</em>.

Jan  2013 -  Problem: Intel Pro Wireless  prompts for "device ownership password".

Click on start and choose Control Panel->add or remove programs-> Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software -> Modify -> Uncheck WI-FI PROTECTED SETUP


Jan  2013 -  MISC

setup cannot copy the file ncprov.mf_
cleaned the CD and it worked.

error number 0x80240036

Jan  2013 - Remove items from windows startup

Run “msconfig”

Dec 2012 -  Corel Video Studio Change Language To English

Corel Video Studio change language to English

remove the semicolon
set it to
there are 2 occurrences - change both

Nov 2012 -  Some Cool Free Software

Free OCR:

Nov 2012 -  XP -  Admin account missing

XP Administrator account missing. Solution: log out. Log back in. Type Administrator and system will enable that account and create folders for it etc.

Nov 2012 -  XP -  Delete Admin user

to delete an admin user go to computer management / local users / users. It can't be deleted from control panel / users

Nov 2012 -  XP -  Annoying .NET Framework Assistant 

Remove .NET Framework Assistant from Firefox
delete registry key:

Nov 2012 -  XP -  to add hibernate to shutdown menu

run regedit
Make or modify key called System
Add key Shutdown
Value # 1 box, type ShowHibernateButton
Right-click ShowHibernateButton - set value to 1.

Nov 2012 -  Opera lost history

Opera prompts for new version install. Tabes / history / last session gets lost.
Only history that remains is
C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\profile\typed_history.xml

Nov 2012 -  Speed up XP

Set properties on C drive to no indexing.
Start / Run / "services.msc" / turn off indexing service

Oct 2012 -  Kaspersky

NDIS Miniport Driver

kaspersky anti-virus ndis miniport

Oct 2012 -  Acronis restore image fails with message "operation has completed with errors"

Solution: put the image on another disk which the OS has an easier time reading. No idea why but LaCie is easier to read than Hitachi and the restore works off LaCie not Hitachi.

Oct 2012 -  Open Office

open office 3.3 is way to go - doesn't have those ugly features of Office 2010

Oct 2012 -  Opera migration 

Windows 7's stupid "appdata/roaming" folder can be deleted.
Copy all files from xp's programfiles/opera to 7's programfiles(x86)/opera and it works.

Sep 2012 -  Google.xx change to - make default search engine


Edit  c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Add this at the end of the file (xx being the country you want Google NOT to default to)

Also: [THIS IS THE BEST SOLUTION] always goes to

Sep 2012 -  Various

popup:  Avast! has detected a secure connection from your mail shield... solution: go to email client and for each account disable SLL

Kompozer bug changes count.cgi |dd=31 -- solution is to go in settings /advanced and make DTD to transitional and turn on both special characters options. I have no idea why these make it work but it does!

<img src="|dd=31"></font></font>

Check the box 'Don't encode special characters in attribute values' and the other one

Make Windows7 look like / behave like XP:

 When installing Firefox you get a dialog box stating:

You may not have the necessary permissions to use all the features of the program you are about to run. You may run this program as a different user or continue to run the program as the current user.

Solution: Click on Start
In the Start Search box, type UAC.
Click on Change User Account Control Settings
If it is currently set to Default, try setting it to Never Notify (drag the slider to the bottom) and click OK.
If it is currently set to Never Notify, try setting it to Default.
You can also try setting it to Never Notify, clicking OK then going back into it and changing it back to Default.
Install Firefox again.

Sep 2012 - Windows 7 Sucks

Try making a new folder in a window which is not that big and full of files. On XP just click anywhere and boom -- on the frikin 7 piece of crap you can't -- you also can't click on a new folder icon because it's not there and you can't right click on address bar where you can drop files on and so you have to maximiz the flillin window and go to bottom where maybe there are no files and then right click

windows7 explorer sucks bigtime.
can use instead:  

I hate windows 7 because

the native explorer is a crap. you search for something then open the folder of result and that frikin search criteria is still there and you can't get a streight path (I didnt feel like spending 2 hours on it but think it's not even possible. 

You can't avoid the frikin promopt: you need a admin priv to delete despite your account being admin

A simple properties on a file in a folder with lots of files is a nightmare to get right -- the sucker gives properties of the folder sometimes...

the taskbar is a disaster mixing the progs on it with open processes. 

the start menu is pathetic. downloaded an xp mimick

thank god they provide a classic view (retro) vs. that piece of shit called win 7 interface.

Unable to create image: 0x8078002A -- The fix is to have the destination drive formatted such that it can't be used with XP (unbelievable). It's a bug in Win7 utility, end of story!

Just some basic things are so incredibly dumb and frustrating. Make a mistake of using Windows7 native search command in a folder. Brings up results. No option to open in destination folder. So you click on the result (a folder) -- the goal is to knew where the flock that is within this shit of an operating  system -- search bar now changes to search results blah blah -- you know what? after a few times trying different things I'll just go back to FileSearchEx (which mimicks XP) instead of dealing with this shit opeirating system's commands -- with 2 clicks I did what I wanted while Windows 7 was just not capable of doing it. --- and now try to clear the "search results" from address bar ---------- forget it........ close the window and open a new one. 

Open folder and click I to go to the first item with I in it - it's sorted by name - this piece of shit of an OS puts the cursor on the first FILE though folders are listed first. Jeez!!

Broken shortcuts are deleted from the desktop in Windows 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Pain in the ass trying to put desktop in a frikin folder view -- I open a folder on the desktop - on XP I'd just hit up arrow -- on this piece of shit OS (Windows 7) it's like pulling teeth ---

June 2012 - Tired of losing data from Notepad’s lack of autosave?

Download Notepad++

Download autosave plugin:


May 2012 - Insert signature in PDF

Very simple, scan the signature. Save it as a PDF. The copy paste from open PDF into target PDF.

Apr  2012 - WinXP Startup

to turn off auto start programs in win-xp start/run/msconfig

Apr  2012 - Bad Sector

"having read a report from Google about the failure rate in some 100,000 Hard Disk Drives which they analysed in detail. ... One of the conclusions of that report was that a Hard Disk Drive marking off bad sectors is 40x more likely to fail in the near future (2 months)."

Apr  2012 - Delete Kaspersky Cache  

Kaspersky cache can only be deleted if "self defense" is turned off. Even if program doesn't start with system its files are locked (good thing) but to remove them for disk cleanup / defrag optimization must disable self defense in options menu / advances.

Apr  2012 - Set Thunderbird as default email client in browser

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe"


Mar  2012 -  Simulate key stroke to prevent screensaver from enabling

If you have problems with your PC locking or going to sleep, caffeine will keep it awake. It works by simulating a keypress once every 59 seconds, so your machine thinks you're still working at the keyboard, so won't lock the screen or activate the screensaver.

Mar  2012 -  Truecrypt

Bought a 2 TB Lacie drive. Inside the box it's a 500 GB disk ! The OS only sees 500 GB. You have to format it using the software they give you to see 2 TB (strange!)

Western Digital  Elements has to be the worst hard disk ever made. So many people report the same type of crash. Shame the company is even selling it.

Truecrypt is a great tool but making an encrypted volume is a mistake -- it makes recovery much harder.

Mar  2012 -  Flashing (reinstalling) a sony k750i

Tips: don't do it - the flight mode not worth it.
Some instructions here
to reverse it back to k750i OS have to download the firmware from
pain -- it took hours to figure it out - flash it to flight mode, find orig firmware and reinstall.

27 Jan  2012 -  Turn off instant search in Google and make it work in Opera

To turn off Google's annoying "instant search" login, go to settings (top right wheel) and turn off instant search.

In opera - go to then >> Menu >>> Settings >>> quick preferences >>> edit site preference >>> network tab >>> browser identification >>> identify as Firefox


Sony Ericsson k750i doesn't work with 4GB card but does work with 2 GB card.

28 Dec  2011 -  Block Site

To block access to a site, add the name of the site to the \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file, and set its IP address to

28 Dec  2011 -  Opera Restore Search


26 Dec  2011 -  Private Video Youtube

I had a private video forgot which of my chanmels it was on and forgot which video it was. All I had was the video ID.
Can look inside it as follows:

(replace VIDEO_ID with the ID)

18 Dec  2011 -  Disk crash due to low power

Error 2000-0142 unmountable_boot_volume and other ugly messages (0F00-065D IDE Device  failed - self-test failed read portion of the test - smart short self-test failed)
Immadiate solution can get the disk to book again (after this do a full disk check and replace if hardware is faulty).
- use recovery CD. Do a windows XP repair (R).
- chkdsk /r
that can take hours.
but afterwards system booted fine. Magic!!

18 Dec  2011 -  Using both Excel 2010 Excel 2003 

It's possible to have both Excel 2010 and Excel 2003 on the same XP-Professional OS. Key difference is Excel 2010 can handle unlimited number of rows whereas 2003 is limited to 65535.
To have .xls programs open with 2003 by default run these commands:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\EXCEL.EXE" /unregserver
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\EXCEL.EXE" /unregserver
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\EXCEL.EXE" /regserver
the last command brings up an install screen but let it do its thing. It works like a champ. Can then have a shortcut to the 2010 version.

16 Nov  2011 -  MS Office / Windows 7 Disaster

I hate Windows 7, and in fact ever version of Windows eccept XP Professional. Windows 7 does all this weired things in the background even in simple things like folder navigation. And it is still too unstable for my taste. Office 2010 - it's a disaster - Microsoft has made every package much more complicated and less usable and more difficult to use.  Word Excel Powerpoint - all went downhill bigtime with the Office 2010. MS project too. User has to click more buttons than before.

16 Nov  2011 -  MS Project Bug

MS Project 2010 Professional - TimeScale Issue - Tier Size Mismatch An upper tier has less time per tick. This bug puts the program in an infinite loop and there's no getting out  of it. Make sure autosave is on so you don't lose your work.

24 Sep  2011 -  How to rebuild Thunderbird .msf files 

An easy way (and only way I know of without going through one by one) to rebuild all Thunderbird .msf files is to run the find-duplicate addon. It goes through all folders and rebuilds the index for each.

Thunderbird inbox can get corrupted. Solution: Delete .msf file and restart TB.

2 Sep  2011 -  Format USB flash drive NTFS

To format a USB Drive to NTFS go to device manager, select hard drives, right click on the flash drive, go to plicies, select "optimize for performance" and then do quick format in NTFS. Without the steps above the default is FAT32 and the only option that shows up under Format.

10 July 2011 -  Java version

How to tell installed Java version:

Open a DOS prompt and enter the following command:

java –version

28 June 2011 -  Download gmail mail again

Gmail POP will only download once, but you can used the recent command to get the last 30 days emails. For all other POP clients, replace '' in your POP client settings with ''

03 June 2011 -  Kaspersky Forced Removal

internal error 2753. avpinst.dll when installing or removing or upgrading Kaspersky Antivirus

download zip file :


03 June 2011 -  Search Companion Blank - Windows XP Pro

Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type regsvr32 jscript.dll, and then click OK.
Click OK.

10 March 2011 -  Excel Tip

to anchor a cell press f4. it keeps it the same in formulas in moving rows or columns...

10 March 2011 -  Expanding size of Truecrypt archive

Expand a TrueCrypt volume on the fly without reformatting. All kind of volumes (container files, disks and partitions) formatted with the NTFS file system are supported

09 March 2011 - 

- LW L M S image size on Canon Camcorder HG-10. L M S is for large medium small. LW is for wide (16:9) aspect ratio. I select L. And Superfine.
- HG-10 records high def in all settings LP SP XP etc...

02 Feb 2011 - 

- "unsent messages" file (folder) in Thunderbird is just the draft folder so if draft is empty, it can be deleted.

- When Canon digital camcorder "initialize HDD" command doesn't respond, restart and it should then work.
- Fat 32 can be read by both PC and Mac. To format an external disk using FAT32 or FAT 16, it can only be done with Windows XP command line (windows itself only formats NTFS).
format / FS:FAT32 drivename
it will prompt for volume name which you should have.

- "Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool" formats a external disk that was formatted on Mac so PC can access the disk and format it.

10 Jan 2011 -  Force uninstall Turbotax

To force uninstall Turbotax 2009 run the installation package to extract the setup.exe (in a folder under Temp with ckz_ prefix). Move to c:\x The start/run c:\x\setup.exe /f to "flush". Then abort the reinstall and run uninstall and it works. Painful way to clean up after itself but it works.

25 Nov 2010 -  Encryption Statistics

from a blog:

Howdy Says: hmm, i would like to create a word file for a 20 character password consisting of upper and lower case letters. how would i do that?

scg Says on blog: Howdy: Do you have 500 million quadrillion terabytes free on your hard drive? Assuming you already have a supercomputer available that can test 1 million passwords / second, are you willing to wait 47 billion times the current age of the universe to test the entire list? If not, a list of every upper/lower case password of length 20 is not going to be helpful since there will be (2*26)^20 = 2 * 10^34 combinations! If you wrote all of the passwords of length 8 to a file it would still be 400 TB. Testing those combinations would take over a year at 1 million tests/sec, which would require a cluster of many, many computers.

21 Nov 2010 - Firefox doesn't support opening multiple files    

Can't get that to work, can't find any references. Drag&drop doesn't work; open doesn't work; just one file at a time. Primitive!!

21 Nov 2010 - Open multiple links with one click in Firefox

A very cool Firefox extension (dream come true) :

Multi Links lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time rather than having to do them all individually.

You can simply draw a box around a group of links by clicking and holding the right mouse button. You then drag the box around the links you want to open and let go of the right mouse button to open them using the default action.

Good job:

21 Nov 2010 - MS Office Speech toolbar doesn't appear in Word

In Excel it works but text-to-speech in Word doesn't work. I'm not the only one having this problem and haven't seen any solutions out there. 

21 Nov 2010 - Firefox Can open .mht files:

Mozilla Firefox requires an extension be installed to read and write MHT files: Mozilla Archive Format:

21 Nov 2010 - Firefox Voice (Opera voice doesn't work)

I read that Opera has fixed the voice problem in their latest release but since Opera beyond 10.1 is a dog, I looked for an addon for Firefox. A nice easy one is here:

Download, install, right click on text and you can do other things while it reads to you.

20 Nov 2010 - Outlook is a Dog

The simple task of changing the location of a data file took me way too long. I tried all the intuitive things and they all failed. Check out these instructions from microsoft:

Method 2: Microsoft Office Outlook 2002
Open Outlook.
On the Tools menu, click Options.
On the Mail Setup tab, click the E-mail accounts button, even if you do not have an e-mail account specified.   [I don't even use Outlook for email and I had to go through these steps]
Click to select the View or change existing e-mail accounts check box, and then click Next.
Click the New Outlook Data File button.
Under Types of storage, click Personal Folders file (.pst), and then click OK.
Browse through the folders to the new location for your .pst file, and then click OK twice.
Under the Deliver new e-mail to the following location list, click the Personal Folders file that was just added, and then click Finish.
If this is your default e-mail delivery location, you will receive the following message:
You have changed the default deliver location for your e-mail. This will change the location of your Inbox, Calendar, and other folders. These changes will take effect the next time you start Outlook.
Click OK.
On the Mail Setup tab, click the Data Files button.
Click to select the .pst file that was identified in step 4 in the "How to Identify the Name and Location of Your Personal Folder File" section of this article, and then click Remove to remove the local .pst file from your profile.
Click Close, and then click OK to close all dialog boxes.
On the File menu, click Exit.
Restart Outlook.

20 Nov 2010 - Thunderbird [Technical]

Moving Thunderbird profile location is tricky. The profile folder contains all emails etc. If you're the only user keep it simple and just use the default profile. But I like to have its location under my user area so my backups are simplified.

Here's the easy solution:

Close Thunderbird.

Copy the data files to the new location (e.g. L:\newfolder\Thunderbird)

...\Application Data\Thunderbird\profiles.ini very carefully. At the end it has to read exactly like this (in my case:)


Solution 2: edit profile.ini in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Thunderbird and change the path

20 Nov 2010 - Truecrypt [Technical]

Truecrypt is really a great program. Congratulations to the developers.

To automatically mount Truecrypt favorite volumes upon startup of Windows XP:

control panel/Administrative tools/Computer management/local users&groups/users/ right click on your user (in this case Administrator)/properties/profile/ and enter "Administrator.bat" for Logon script.

create Administrator.bat file and folder under: "C:\WINDOWS\System32\repl\import\scripts\ containing one line: "@ C:\Program Files\TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe" /auto favorites /quit" without the double quotes.

run regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and create a new key: RunLogonScriptSync, add DWORD and set value to 1.


Nov 2010 - DOS is a DOG

DOS should be called DOG. You can't remove a particular file from all subdirectories with a native DOS command.

7 Nov 2010 - Using Thunderbird Templates for Auto Reply 

Here's how:

- Create a new message. Save-as template (make sure it has a "subject"). The template is saved under Templates.
- Go to tools / message filters. Create a new filter. You can then select "Reply with template" under "Perform these actions".
Here's a catch:

An autoreply with template is account specific, meaning, if you set a template for "local folders" the drop down for selecting list of templates is blank, meaning it doesn't work for local folders but only for an account, so the filter you create must be for an account not for local folders in order for autoreply to work.

It works like a champ. Another nice feature of this great tool: the best and most powerful email program out there: Thunderbird!

11 Sep 2010 - Thunderbird

Thunderbird Error: "Sending of Message Failed, Unable to open the temporary file /tmp/nsmail.tmp, Check your 'Temporary Directory' Setting."

The solution is to delete C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\nsmai*.*



Thunderbird Message filter template auto reply "sending of message failed" envelope icon

Envelop icon with lock on it means the connection is secure (SSL). If an account uses insecure connection it doesn't have that lock on the icon and in this case auto-reply does not work. Make it secure and it will work. For Thunderbird the SMTP port if SSL enabled is 465 and for POP is 995

28 Aug 2010 - Corel 

- Corel Video Studio capture error reading import AVCHD ok grayed out AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM BDMV STREAM.
Solution is that the index file is missing. Add the index file to the AVCHD folder and the ok button will work. But it has to be the right index of the contents of the STREAM folder else can't import.

23 Aug 2010 - Corel 

- Got email from -- it had an attachment -- I knew it was malware -- Kaspersky didn't catch it. An anti-malware program also didn't catch it. It contains -- the trailer numbers are random to mislead. It installs Adware Doctor, a bogus program that wants you to pay. Easiest cleanup is manual - to stop the process, remove registry keys and delete files. Upon startup, Rundll error loading yise.ero can be fixed by removing all instances of yise.ero from the registry (regedit).

- Easy way to disable Dell Quickset is to remove HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

May 2010 - Opera new tab button on both sides

- The new tab button on right side of tabs on tab bar disappeared. How do I add it? It's there on left side but I like it on both side. Note path to [URL=opera:config#Toolbar Configuration]Toolbar Configuration[/URL] file, open it, close Opera and add the following, save 7 start Opera.[Pagebar Floating.content]
Button, SI_NEW_PAGE_BUTTON_TEXT=New page,1

25 March 2010 - Opera 10.51 is a disaster

Opera 10.51 is a terrible step back for Opera which has been my favorite browser till now. They seem like a bunch of geeks sitting around with nothing to do but to break an already great product. The tab control button is gone, the page search is totally lame, the file/edit bar is hidden in the default installation, and a lot of other annoying changes. The lady who answered the phone said there are many unhappy users and guided me to the useless forum which they heavy handedly control.

Opera 10.51 sucks. I am back to 10.10 and have turned off automatic updates until I find a better browser.


but I like Opera 11.62 +
it behaves much better than v10.5
good addon: