The Originals!

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Mahogany Hand Key - A full size straight key mounted on a presentation grade mahogany base for the most discriminating operator, and collector.
Weight: 700 grams/24.6 oz.
Size: 175x95x55/6.9"x3.7"x2.2"
Price: Call
PROFI-2 - is the key for the discriminating CW operator. It comes complete with dust cover, and three conductor cable.
Weight: 1500 grams/52.9 oz.
Size: 130x80x60/5"x3.2"x2.3"
Price: Call
Portable Wabbler - The universial wabbler is for the traveling ham. It is about 25% smaller than the Profi. Complete with dust cover.
Weight: 770 grams/27.2 oz.
Size: 125x60x50/4.9"x2.3"x2"
Price: Call
Havy weighty version: Call
Small Hand Key- A midsize hand key with a wood knob, and a solid brass base. (The wood knob may be either mahogany or cherry.)
Weight: 680 grams/24 oz.
Size: 110x50x50/4.3"x2"x2"
MINI Version - Approximately half the size of the Small Hand Key, and weighs slightly less.
Price: Call
Mountable lambic Paddle for ETM's - This key is identical to the "Portable Iambic Paddle" but comes without base or dust cover. Mechanism only 
Weight: 150 grams
Size: 100 x 50 x 30 mm
Price:  Call


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