A Delphi Generic Win32 "Hello World"

Borland-Delphi is the most successful Pascal-dialect worldwide. Part of it's success is the VCL (Visual Component Library) which allows even unexperienced people to write stable Windows- applications. The only drawback is it's size. A simple "Hello World" results in a EXE somewhere between 170kB and 350kB depending on the Delphi-Version used! That's why I avoid using the VCL.

The advantage of this method: Your programs get small.

The disadvantage: you spend hours reinventing the wheel... (I've warned you, so don't complain!)

How to create a RES-file more easily?
In Borland-Pascal for Windows 7.0 you can find the Resource Workshop 4.5
Unfortunately this product isn't sold anymore. But I'm sure you can
find it somewhere in cyberspace!