Reversi - Distribution License

Reversi Applet


To make a long story short: if you're a private person and want to download the applet for your own personal offline use, it's ok. If you intend whole-sale redistribution (even for free) or commercial uses of the applet, it's not. I don't like redistribution in this case because this is not a "product" and I don't want old and maybe buggy versions of the applet to circulate around. For commercial uses, contact the copyright holder, that is, me.

Definition: The Applet

The reversi applet consists of two files:

Together, these two files constitute the applet.

Definition: Derivations of the Applet

A derivation of the applet is:

Other Definitions

Is you, if you download the applet. "You" is always the singular pronoun here and can never be construed to mean a group of persons.
Personal Use
Use of the applet by you and, if you're a private person, by your family members (spouse, kids, and parents).

Licensing Terms

The applet is copyrighted © 1993 - 2000 by Thomas Wolf. All rights reserved.

You may...

You may not...

I know, the last point is redundant. I just want to emphasize it. If you are interested in any such use of the applet, contact the copyright holder to discuss the commercial licensing fees and modalities.
Note that if you write an Othello applet which uses my table or data derived from my table it is considered a derived version of my applet and is thus subjected to this license and copyright! (Since in this case, your applet would be using (part of) my applet's game engine, I consider this only fair: you'd use my stuff, so you shouldn't compete with my applet. Devise your own algorithms!)


The applet is provided for entertainment purposes only. It comes without any express or implied warranties whatsoever, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantibility and fitness for a particular purpose.

The applet is well-tested and performs well on Netscape 4.72, Internet Explorer 4.0, and Internet Explorer 5.0. Still, I do not accept any implied or express liabilities, including, but not limited to, damage to software or data stored on the computer where the applet is run or elsewhere.

Download for your own personal offline use

You'll need both, although the applet will run without the table. However, without the table it'll play lousy!

When you click the Othello.jar link in Netscape, it may give you a message saying "SmartUpdate failed: JAR archive failed security check. Corrupt JAR file." If this happens, simply right-click the link and select "Save Link as..." to download the applet. With IE, you can download simply by clicking on the link.

To run the applet, create a web page (a HTML file) on your computer in some place where it is not publicly accessible. This web page should contain the following <APPLET> tag:

<APPLET CODE="Othello.class" ARCHIVE="Othello.jar" WIDTH=370 HEIGHT=460>
   <PARAM NAME="backgroundColor" VALUE="FFFFF4">
   <!-- Replace "FFFFF4" with whatever RGB color value you'd like as the
        background color -->

Make sure that both Othello.jar and table.code.gz are in the same directory as this HTML file.

To run the applet, load this HTML file into your browser. On Windows, e.g. by double-clicking the file's icon in the NT Explorer window. Or by typing a file URL in your browser's "location" text area. Assuming you put the applet and the HTML page in directory C:\MyStuff\Reversi\, and named the HTML page index.html, you'd type file:///C:/MyStuff/Reversi/index.html.