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MorsePractice a Java Morse Code training program by Martin A. Minow, K6MAM (sk).

Martin A. Minow, K6MAM (sk), has created a Morse code training program called MorsePractice. Originally developed for his Macintosh. This program will run on a Mac, Windows, Linux and of course OS/2 machines. Written in JAVA, it requires JAVA version 1.1.8 to operate sucessfully.

Martin passed away in 2000. He was a Mac user and was helpful when Paul Davidson, VE3UUM, enquired about linking to his page and providing an OS/2 script for his software. A friend has kept a mirror site available, it is linked above.

This program was featured in the May 2000 issue of QST.

The easiest way to run this program under OS/2 is to include the following MorsePractice.cmd OS/2 Command file:

REM ***---------------------------------------------------------------------------------***
REM *** OS/2 command file to start MorsePractice.jar a Morse code tutor by ***
REM *** Martin A. Minow, K6MAM. Script by Paul Davidson, VE3UUM ***
REM *** No Warranties, use at your own risk! ***
REM ***----[ Instructions ]-------------------------------------------------------------***
REM *** You must adjust the classpath statement in the following line to match the path ***
REM *** to your jar file and to your java11 directory. For example if MorsePractice.jar ***
REM *** is in d:\morse and your java files are in d:\java11 then the line should read: ***
REM *** ***
REM *** SET CLASSPATH=d:\morse\MorsePractice.jar;d:\java11\lib\classes.zip;%CLASSPATH% ***
REM ***---------------------------------------------------------------------------------***
SET CLASSPATH=X:\path_to\MorsePractice.jar;X:\path_to\java11\lib\classes.zip;%CLASSPATH%
start /n /min java Main

Place this in the same directory as the MorsePractice .jar file. You can download the command file along with an Icon for OS/2 in a zip file. Just unzip the file in the same directory that the MorsePractice.jar resides.

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