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ADMS-1E and the Yaesu VX-5R Handheld

Sat, 22 Jul 2000

Well, the last 24 hours has been rather good to me, now if I could only hit the Powerball Lottery Tonight!!! I had ordered the Yaesu ADMS-1E Version 2 software for my VX-5R handheld and it arrived about midday Friday.

As luck would have it, I didn't have time to look at the software or documentation until earlier this morning. I went about installing the program on my Laptop, a Windows 95 machine, and read the paper included as 'documentation.'

Not being obviously fully coherent, I overlooked the minimum system requirement of Windows 3.1 and tried out downloading my radio to the laptop, uploading the data to my radio and trying out the various features of the program.

I eventually tired of fiddling and decided to catch up on some web browsing I had been avoiding. While waiting for a page to load, the 'Windows 3.1' system requirements jumped off the ADMS-1E documentation at me and got me to wondering. I hurriedly finished up my browsing and fired up a full screen WIN-OS/2 session and ran the setep.exe program and everything went without a hitch.

The true test was yet to come, I grabbed the cable, plugged it into the communications port and fired up the VX-5R programmer, put the radio in clone-mode and made a template file without a hitch. Then I downloaded the radio, did a hard reset on the radio and uploaded the datafile to the radio. Everything worked like a charm and I shutdown the program and WIN-OS/2 session.

There was one last thing that needed to be done, I fired up a 'windowed' WIN-OS/2 session, ran through the same test and everything passed with flying colors. So, you can add Yaesu's ADMS-1E Version 2 Software to the list of programs that work under OS/2 (albeit a WIN-OS/2 session.)

Ramsay D. Seielstad, KC2GMW

I would suspect that any of the software on that particular disk version should also install and work properly ... but since I don't have a VX-1R, or FT-10, FT-11, FT-40, FT-41, FT-50 or FT-51 I really can't test it but maybe someone else in 'Ham/2 Land' will be encouraged to do so, knowing of my success.

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