Watertanks in the Australian Outback

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Port Augusta - Darwin:

120km South of Pimba. At rest area where railway crosses road.
102km North of Port Augusta 3rd parking bay on left.
Pimba Roadhouse
42km North of Pimba. Parking bay on left.
Glendambo Roadhouse
83km North of Gendambo. Parking bay with emergency telephone.
160km North of Gendambo. Parking bay with emergency telephone
Coober Pedy
80 km North of Coober Pedy. Parking bay with emergency telephone
112km North of Coober Pedy. Parking bay with emergency telephone
Cadney Park Roadhouse
120km North of Marla. Tank in rest area.
SA/NT border. Tank in rest area.
Kulgera Roadhouse
Erldunda Roadhouse
35km North of Erldunda. Tank in rest area.
74km North of Erldunda. Tank in rest area by Finke river.
Stuarts Well Roadhouse
Alice Springs
Conners Well rest area. 93km north of Alice Springs.
Aileron Roadhouse
13km north of Aileron. Tank in rest area.
Ti Tree Roadhouse
Barrow Creek Roadhouse. Very salty borewater, ask at bar for drinking water. I didnít get some. At least I got water from tourists in a truck.
Wycliff Well roadhouse
Wauchope roadhouse. Fillup here if camping at Devils Marbles, a great place to camp but no water.
90km South of Tennant Creek. Tank at Bonney Well rest area.
30km South of Tennant Creek. Tank in rest area.
Tennant Creek
72km North of Tennant Creek. Tank in rest area.
Renner Springs roadhouse
25km North of Elliot. Tank in rest area.
29km North of Dunmarra. Tank in rest area.
Daly Waters Junction
40km North of Larrimah. Tank in rest area.
58km North of Mataranka. Tank in rest area.
42km North of Katherine. Tank in rest area.
This is last tank before Darwin but lots of small towns or stores where you can get water.

Erldunda - Ayres Rock

Mt Ebenezer roadhouse. 56km west of Erldunda
45km West of Mt.Ebenezer. Tank in rest area.
129km West of Erldunda, Tank in rest area.
135km West of Erldunda. Tank in rest area.
Curtain Springs 103km from Mt.Ebenezer. Free camping but very dirty + dusty.
Water in tank by Ayres Rock/Olgas lookout 57km West of Curtain Springs.

Source: From a New Zealand cycling couple. I checked the list from Three Ways to Port Augusta. Especially between Alice Springs and Ayers Rock I had lots of empty tanks. Be aware! Donít trust the tanks. On my way back from the rock they started to fill up them. In an emergency case it would be still easy to stop some tourist with the big tanks.

Mt.Isa - Three Ways

Avon Downs 70km West of Camooweal. Tank in rest area. Police Station.
Soudan 51km West of Avon. Privat Ranch. No water!. Telefon.
15km West of Soudan. Dry bore in rest area. No water!.
47km West of Soudan. Wonarah Shop. Small Shop. Toilets, Drinks, Water. They let cyclists camp over night.
41km East of Barkly Roadhouse. Tank in rest area.
Barkly Roadhouse
55km West of Barkly. Tank in rest area (Bore).
70km East of Three Ways. Tank in rest area.
Three Ways Roadhouse

Information from Mt.Isa to Port Augusta controlled or written down at March 1997 from Urs Arnold (Lucerne/Switzerland).

From Brisbane to Mt.Isa there are no tanks but lots of smaller places to fill up water. But especially between Longreach and Cloncurry itís pretty empty.