Beers of Switzerland

Switzerland is composed by (26) regions called Cantons.
In this page, beer sites are grouped by macro-regions.

For more detailed info (web address, number of beers, 
opening hours, ...) go to the page
Beer Sites in Switzerland
or in the near Countries (France Italia Deutschland Österreich)

VS Valais

Fer Rouge Brasserie du Mont Blanc Birrificio Casa del Popolo Amstein Funplanet Café Du Centre Valaisanne La Sierrvoise Saison Création

Café Du Centre Grand Rue, 1874 Champéry (opened feb 2000), 024 4791550, 024 4792070 Brewpub ?
La Sierrvoise Z.I. Ile Falcon, 3960 Sierre, VS, t.027 4565908, f.027 4565933 Micro-Brewery
Valaisanne rte de Riddes 42 (adm), rue du Rawyl 30 (prod), 1950 Sion, VS, t.027 2057500 f. 027 2057501 (or t.027 2057575) Brewery


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