Andi's Inductor

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My coiler-friend Andreas Saile has developed this fairly big, IGBT driven, Ruhmkorff induction coil. Countless semiconductors have been fried (..and exploded!) during this process. Because the internet belongs not to his "stuff", I have added some pic's of his work, in order to appreciate his efforts. The construction of my own induction coil was "borrowed" from Andi's, meaning, I could profit from his experience, and discuss the different do's and dont's with him. A big THANKS to Andi for sharing this experience with me. It was Andi as well, who was winding most of our TC secondary coils, because, by his original profession as a "motor-coilwinder"(Elektrowickler), he has access to some big lathe, which facilitated the job.

Andis inductor 1
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Andis Inductor 2
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Andis Inductor 4
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Andis Inductor 3
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Some newer (2001) pic's reveal details of the induction coil and
a very useful small power supply/interrupter for coil measurements,
which has been developed by Andi, following our discussions
about a low-power investigation on induction coils.

closer view of
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Big capacitor bank
(up to 100uF; too big?)
for the IGBT interrupter
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power supply unit-
and interrupter, for coil 
behavior experiments
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circuit diagram
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