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Hopefully, this page will see some development with time. It should reflect my own experimental results and thoughts about TC's and related  subjects, but will take reference to other coiler's work, where appropriate. I don't want to describe, for the 701th time, in the internet, "What is a Tesla Coil", but rather give credit tho those, who have taken the effort, to create really useful descriptions, like i.e. Terry_Fritz for the current TC development in general, and with many project topics, and Richie_Burnett, exceeding by far a dry explanation of the most important concepts of TC's, or Finn_Hammer, if you like to see, a combination of craftmanship and creativity in modern coiling. For theoretical aspects of Tesla coils, the TSSP(=Tesla Secondary Simulation Project) pages of Paul Nicholson are definitely a must!

The highlighting of four active exponents of current coiling is not meaning an inappropriate missing of recognition and respect of other prominent individuals in coiling (see TC-Links). Almost everything I know about Tesla coils, I know from them, and I like to express my thanks to them ! 

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