Excel Spreadsheets

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My favorite method to design a Tesla coil is by means of an Excel-spreadsheet. It allows the quick and
easy change of the design parameters, and the view of their influence on design. By means of  "solver" or
"goalseek" methods the inverse or implicit solution of the design equations becomes feasible, opening the
possibility to fit your design to available components . Another attractive application of spreadsheets
 in coiling is the documentation and interpretation of measurement results. And a third kind is the useful
  presentation of table data, because by this way they're easily integrated in any kind of calculation.

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My comprehensive TC-design spreadsheet, originally started from Ed Sondermans, but now enhanced with attached programs E-Tesla 6 from Terry Fritz and ACMI from Paul Nicholson, MMC calculator, and different useful info and tables for coilers, containing effectively also the info in the next 5 download files on this page.
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   John Freau's design rules for efficient, low break rate, synchronous rotary spark gap Tesla coils
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   Calculate different capacitors, using an integrated table of dielectrics (Plate-,Leyden-,Ball-,Torus-)
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   Jochen Kronjaeger's compilation of solid-, liquid- and foil- insulator data.
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   Sparkgap -voltage vs. -spacing tables of different origin, for needle points, rod gaps, balls.
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   AWG wire table.
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   Coupling factor measurements on one of my 8" Tesla coils. Language: German
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  Coupling factor measurements vs. M.Rzeszotarski's M&k calculation, for 16" TC "Black & White"
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   Neon sign transformer measurements (example: my "bombarder NST"). Language: German
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   Switching a simple RLC circuit to to a DC source.