40cm (15.75")  Secondary for "Black & White" Coil

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On March 24th / 2000,  this 40cm secondary has been wound by Andi Saile, Markus Ott and Kurt. The space winding has been accomplished by winding a ~0.9mm cotton thread together with the 1 mm2 Thermex 2.5 (enamelled) wire (diameter 1.33mm, with insulation). In the middle of the job, the white cotton thread finished... :-((  A speedy action revealed there was no more of this white colored thread available, but an almost similar black one. So it was possible to continue and complete the job. After all, Andi and me finished a bottle of "Black & White". Remembering my wife is "black" and I am "white" the coil got its name: BLACK & WHITE. :o)

Andi Saile winding
the secondary with
Markus Ott helping
28'525 bytes

larger view of the
winding job situation
37'653 bytes

closer view...
32'648 bytes

The big lathe of 
Vogler's electro-
mech.- workshop
52'391 bytes

Job done. Photo
outdoors Vogler.
35'467 bytes

Happy Kurt with
spacewound sec.
42'143 bytes

Preparing the coil
for PU-sealing.
28'865 bytes

Unwinding the
cotton thread 
spacing string.
46'829 bytes

Counting 820 turns
(each pin 100 turns)
42'623 bytess

sealing (10 layers)
40'628 bytes

Finished secondary
35'404 bytess

Size comparison
Kurt = 160cm
28'979 bytes

Actual Secondary Data:
     diameter               40cm (15.75") 
length of former  195cm (77")
length of winding 177cm (70")
number of turns        820       .
inductance (exper.)  54.6 mH
Fo.res, bare (exper.)  119 kHz