Toroids from Galanis' Workshop

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Tube-thermal-insulating workshops, like the one of Iraklis Galanis, in Basel, Switzerland, can feed the tesla-coiler with robust toroids at a very reasonable price (SFr.400.- / ~ US$ 245.-  for my 160cm/40cm toroid, shown below). Up to now (June 2000) I own 5 toroids of this kind: 2 pairs, each of size 70cm/20cm, 80cm/22cm and one 160cm/40cm, from this workshop. The toroids were made according to my coarse definitions. I have very good experience with these toroids, despite the non-ideality of the bulged-edges..., - taking > 2m (~80") sparks from my 8" twin-system. They are much more robust than aluminium air-duct toroids. The "fish"-form-gauges for my 3 kinds of toroids are already at hand. Sooo...Galanis, not yet owning an internet page: If you are interested, you can direct your questions to me,  Kurt Schraner...,or looking at your local tube-insulator's workshop.

1.6m/0.4m toroid
in the make, by son
Christos Galanis
41'950 bytes

...adding a segment
to the 32 edged
37'901 bytes

Machine to form
the (unwelcome)
45'666 bytes

tool machine
37'088 bytes

Christos showing 
the center-disk
36'904 bytes

"Fish-form" gauge
for my toroid
42'563 bytes

More "fishs" ...
42'577 bytes

Nut for mounting
a "bump"
31'859 bytes

Overview of
26'297 bytes

Friendly secretary
Marianne Kuenzli
40'019 bytes

Iraklis Galanis with
finished toroid;
weight is 13.5kg
37'204 bytes

...Papa Iraklis
again, showing
the toroid size
35'001 bytes