GSTC's at Ham Radio'99, Friedrichshafen (Germany)

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A few GSTC's (German Speaking Tesla Coilers) met on occasion of the  "Ham Radio", 24th June 1999. See also reports on the German Tesla List page
of Stefan Kluge's site.


StefanBauer, StefanKluge, AndiSaile, MartinDamev(back),
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It was a nice experience to meet people in physical- rather than cyber-space. During the common dinner, the lively exchange of TC and HV experiences were never exhausted.



Swiss coilers crossing 
the Bodensee by ferry
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Meeting at the snack-bar, 
close to the flea-market.
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Andi with a "Frankenstein-like" 
circuit breaker.
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The most spectacular piece was the blue 
5MW magnetron, bought by Martin.
Left to right: Andi, Stefan Bauer, 
Martin, Stefan Kluge, Kurt
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