12cm(4.7") Tesla Coil, 1999 / January

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The spark pictures have been taken January 23rd/24th, 1999, by coiler friend Andi Saile, on ASA200 Film.
The state of the Tesla coil, this time, was as follows:

 Aesthetically pleasant view of the "banjo-effect".
Sparklength to ground rod d = 0.75m.
Photo 4:  f = 5.6, t = 0.5s. (Film is always ASA 200 )

Sparklength to ground rod d = 0.75m, at PT: i ~15A; u ~60V.
Photo 8:  f=3.5, t=1s.

Sparklength to ground rod d = 0.5m, at PT: i ~15A; u ~60V.
Photo 0:  f=5.6, t=1s.

Double exposure: don't try this in reality ! - Andi(right) & me, enjoying TC sparks
Photo 12:  double exposure, first: f=5.6, t=1s / second with flash.

 Incandescent lamp in globe form (diameter 120mm), placed on top of secondary terminal
 Photo 37:  f=3.5, t=0.5s.

 The 5 active gaps of the RQ-gap in action.
Photo 25:  f=5.6, t=0.125s. 

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