Some of my Transformers

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1999 was a good year for finding transformers.

9 of my better NST's

This is my biggest neon sign transformer, probably a so called bombarder.
Ratings are: 220V/8kV; 6kV at 250mA; Short circuit current 385mA. Weight 37kg.

These PT's are from the former MFO(Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon) company. They are 100V to 16kV. One can draw about 1.5kVA from one of these transformers. The weight of one PT is about 42kg. In the background my "bombarder"-NST can be seen.

Beer-cups for safety !

2 heavy VK30 type PT's, manufactured by Moser-Glaser AG, 1963
Voltage rating:   100V to 16kV
One can draw about 2...3kVA from one of these transformers

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