My Collection

001. Acapulco Motorcycle - Purple Harley Blue & Purple Gas Tank
002. Acapulco Motorcycle - red & white Harley, red Gas Tank - Enamel
003. Acapulco Motorcycle - dark blue Fenders with yellow & green Gas Tank
004.Acapulco Motorcycle - red Harley with large white Spokes, red Gas Tank - Enamel
005.Acapulco Motorcycle - blue Fenders and Gas Tank, silver Design on Tank
006.Acapulco Motorcycle - green fenders with Yellow & green Gas Tank         
007.Acapulco Motorcycle - red Fenders and Gas Tank silver Desingn on Tank left facing                                      008.Acapulco Blue & Green Iceman with Parachute
009.Acapulco Black & Yellow Cheap Trick Hammer Guitar
010.Acapulco Light Brown Left-Handed Gibson Acoustic Guitar
011.Acapulco Blue Burns UK Flyte Guitar
012.Acapulco Black Jackson Custom w/Mexican Flag Guitar
013.Acapulco Orange Stratocaster White Yellow & Blue Line Guitar
014.Acapulco Orange  Palm Tree Guitar
015.Acapulco 6th Annivesary Blue Eko
016.Acapulco Logo w/ Cliff Divers
017.Acapulco Pink Fender Maverick                                                                                                                   018.Acapulco Red Gibson Guitar                                                                                                                       019.Acapulco Light Green Tan Guitar with Green Lines                                                                                        020.Acapulco Black Les Paul with Red & Yellow Fiesta Stripes and Blue Dots                                                        021.Acapulco Standing Red & Gray Stratocaster with Roses

022.Amman Opening Staff

023.Ankara Opening Staf                                                                                                                                          024.Ankara Motorbike - left facing Harley with black Fenders and Gas Tank - brown Saddlebag
025.Ankara Motorbike - Harley with red Fenders and silver Design on red Gas Tank
026.Ankara Halloween 98 Skyline with Bats
027.Ankara Black Cadillac left facing                                                                                                                       028.Ankara Pink Cadillac left facing

029.Antwerp Guitar with White Diamond
030.Antwerp Flag Guitar
031.Antwerp Light Blue Cadillac
032.Antwerp Pink Cadillac

033.Aspen Red Gibson ES with " Duane Allman " Dead Rocker
034.Aspen 8. Anniversary Blue Guitar with Green Red & white Snowboarder 8 on Shirt

035.AtlantaOpeningStaff                                                                                                                                            036.Atlanta 6 Anniversary Orange Yellow and Green Guitar with Peach

037.Atlantic City Opening Staff
038.Atlantic City 3. Anniversary Mermaid Holding Guitar

039.Amsterdam OS                                                                                                                                           040.Amsterdam 2 Anniversyry Bicycle under Lamp Post                                                                                       041.Amsterdam Set of 4 Windmills (Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter)                                                                    042.Amsterdam Pin March 2001 Black BC Rich Black Double Neck Gene the Dancing Machine Bass              043.Amsterdam Pin March 2001 Blue Gibson Double Neck Flying V Guitar w Stars and Flag Logo                             044.Amsterdam Queensday 2001 Waitress

045.Bali Beach Club Surfboard with Venus Holdind Guitar

046.Baltimore Opening Staff
047.Baltimore Martini Glass with Red Crab

048.Bangkok Opening Staff       049.BangkokBlueTukTuk                                                                                                                                          050.Bangkok Green & White Double-Neck with Thai Boxers (1 of 3)
051.Bangkok Purple & White Double-Neck with Thai Boxers (2 of 3)
052.Bangkok Pink & White Double-Neck with Thai Boxers (3 of 3)
053.Bangkok Multi-Color Patchwork Charvel Spectrum (George Lynch)
054.Bangkok Valentine 95 withe Heart shaped Samisen Guitar
055.Bangkok Valentine 96 Purple Stratocaster withe Cherubs and Red Heart
056.Bangkok Valentine 99 withe Guitar with Girl coming out of a Rase
057.Bangkok 4. July 95 Green Charvel with Mt. Rushmore and American Flag
058.Bangkok Halloween 93 Take Time to be kind white Double-Neck Guitar 
059.Bangkok Halloween 93 Take Time to be Kind DarkBlueDouble-NeckGuitar
060.Bangkok Halloween 94 Silver Skull and crossed Bones Guitar
061.Bangkok Halloween 96 Red Guitar with  Skull
062.Bangkok Halloween 96 Black Guitar with Skull
063.Bangkok Halloween 95 Black & White Broomstick Guitar with Witch
064.Bangkok Halloween 98 withe Guitar with Pumpkin Logo and Red Devil
065.Bangkok Halloween 98 Dark Blue Guitar with Pumpkin Logo and Red Devil
066.Bangkok 4. Anniversary Red Les Paul with white HRC Building
067.Bangkok 5. Anniversary Destroyer Guitar with Flames
068.Bangkok 6. Anniversary 3 Guitar Set with Ships in a plastic Box  2  3
069.Bangkok Blue Les Paul w/ Orchid
070.Bangkok White Les Paul w/Orchid
071.Bangkok Black Gibson SG w/ Gold Yamamoto
072.Bangkok 4 July 98 Blue Guitar with Uncle Sam                                                                                           073.Bangkok Xmas 93 Cream Snowmann 
074.Bangkok Xmas 95 Green Guitar bend arount gold Sax with red Hat and Bells                                                    075.Bangkok Merry Christmas 94 Happy New Year Green Holly leaf Double-Neck Guitar

076.Barcelona Opening Staff

077.Beijing Opening Panda Bear and gray Temple with Opening 94
078.Beijing Opening Round Gold Pin with Dragon Inlay with Opening
079.Beijing Fish Guitar orange & green Fish left facing
080.Beijing Panda Bear Logo
081.Beijing 5 Anniversary Large Silver Star in Front of Blue Circle
082.Beijing Xmas 2000 gree Guitar with Santa's Cap and large red Ribbon                                                                  083.Beijing Halloween 95 Logo with Jack-O-Lantern with Black Cape

084.Berlin Trabbi Car

085.Boston Martini Glass with 4 Leaf Clovers                                                                                                             086.Boston Valentine 2001 Red Heart Guitar with Rose on top                                                                                     087.Boston 11 Anniversary Waitress with Shamrock on Apron holding Green Guitar                                                                                                                                                              

088.Buenos Aires Opening Staff Piano                                                                                                                       089.Buenos Aires Opening Staff Accordeon                                                                                                            090.Buenos Aires Opening Blue Burns Vibra-Artiste with Kingdom of Rock- Grand Opening
091.Buenos Aires White Les Paul with Gray Obelisk and Gold Sun
092.Buenos Aires Black Les Paul with white Obelisk and Gold Sun
093.Buenos Aires Black &  Yellow Checkered Explorer
094.Buenos Aires Black & Silver Checkered Explorer
095.Buenos Aires Motorcycle with white & blue Fenders and blue Gas Tank
096.Buenos Aires Motorcycle with black Fenders and black Gas Tank
097.Buenos Aires Motorcycle with 3 Headligths - silver Trim
098.Buenos Aires Motorcycle with 3 Headligths - gold Trim                                                                                     099.Buenos Aires Black Globe Guitar
100.Buenos Aires Blue Globe Guitar
101.Buenos Aires White Explorer with 1996
102.Buenos Aires Dark Blue Explorer with 1996
103.Buenos Aires Red Yellow Black  Patchwork Charvel Spectrum Guitar (George Lynch)
104.Buenos Aires Red White Black Yellow Patchwork Charvel Spectrum Guitar (George Lynch)
105.Buenos Aires Black Les Paul with Flag

106.Bali Valentine 99 Teddy Bear with Hearts
107.Bali Fish Guitar Purple & Orange Fish left facing                                                                                                  108.Bali Blue Guitar with Red Surfer                                                                                                                          109.Bali Halloween 2000 Red Guitar with flaming Demon's Head for Body

110.Beirut Valentine 98 Light Blue Guitar with Bow-Shooting Angel                                                                               111.Beirut Xmas 97 Santa Claus with Red Guitar above Logo

112.Cabo San Lucas Opening Staff
113.Cabo San Lucas Purple Mayan  Crown Guitar
114.Cabo San Lucas Motorcycle - blue Fenders and white & blue Gas Tank
115.Cabo San Lucas Logo w/ Gold Marlin                                                                                                                     116.Cabo San Lucas Green Fender Guitar with Roses Vines and Rose

117.Cancun Small White Guitar with Red Crab                                                                                                          118.Cancun Blue Geo Guitar with Green & Red   Splashes                                                                                         119.Cancun White Les Paul w/ Red Sombrero
120.Cancun Black Les Paul w/ Yellow Sombrero
121.Cancun Ruby Red Les Paul w/ Mexican Flag
122.Cancun Green Hutti Star
123.Cancun Aquamarine Explorer
124.Cancun Purple Telecaster w/ Black & Gold Mayan Temple
125.Cancun Translucent Red Green & Blue Eko
126.Cancun Logo w/ Gold Mayan Temple
127.Cancun Motorcycle - blue & red Fenders, blue Gas Tank with Flames - Enamel - 3LT
128.Cancun Motorcycle - black & silver checkered Fenders and Gas Tank - Enamel
129.Cancun Motorcycle - blue Gas Tank, large white spoked Wheel - Enamel - 3LT
130.Cancun Motorcycle - dark blue Fenders and light blue & black Gas Tank - Enamel
131.Cancun Motorcycle - light blue & white Fenders and blue & gold Gas Tank                                                        132.Cancun Blue Pinata Guitar with White Neck
133.Cancun Light Green & Green Striped Guitar                                                                                                       134.Cancun Pink Iceman with Gold Stars                                                                                                                 135.Cancun Blue Eko 700 4V with Flag Colored Country Shape Behind Logo                                                         136.Cancun Dark Blue & Red Guitar with Mayan God

137.Chicago Turquoise Telecaster w/ Wester Map and Route US 66                                                                      138.Chicago Black Gibson Acoustic with Elvis Presley

139.Cleveland Opening Staff
140.Cleveland Martini Glass with Records

141.Capenhagen Opening Staff                                                                                                                             142.Copenhagen Motorcycle Blue Nimbus Cycle with side-car

143.Cozumel Opening Staff
144.Cozumel Motorcycle - black Fenders and Gas Tank - Enamel - left facing
145.Cozumel Motorcycle - checkered & green Fenders, checkered Tank - Enamel
146.Cozumel Motorcycle - green Fenders and Gas Tank - Enamel - large white spoked Wheel
147.Cozumel Motorcycle - white & blue Fenders and Gas Tank - Enamel
148.Cozumel Motorcycle - dark blue Fenders and dark blue & gold Gas Tank - dark blue Bar
149.Cozumel Motorcycle - Orange Green and Blue Fenders Orange & Green Gas Tank                                              150.Cozumel Blue Killar Guitar
151.Cozumel Blue & White Cruise Ship Shaped Guitar
152.Cozumel Logo w/ Gold Scuba Diver                                                                                                                 153.Cozumel White Stratocaster with green & yellow stripes                                                                                   154.Cozumel Orange Stratocaster with Rose Vine                                                                                                   155.Cozumel Orange Iceman with Gold Squiggles

156.Cayman OS

157.Dallas Blue Acoustic with Cowboy Hat
158.Dallas 12. Anniversary Cowboy Holding Yellow Guitar in front of Horseshoe

159.Denver Opening Staff

160.Dubai Valentine 99 Blue Guitar with two Doves
161.Dubai Valentine 99 Green Guitar with two Doves
162.Dubai X-mas 98 Santa in Sleigh
163.Dubai 1. Anniversary Black Explorer Guitar

164.Edinburgh OS

165.Fort Lauderdale Opening Staff Scuba with Diver with Waves
166.Fort Lauderdale Grand Opening Blue Guitar with Ara Parrot and Sunrise
167.Fort Lauderdale Fish Guitar                                                                                                                                        168.Fort Lauderdale Blue Guitar with Dolphin

169.Fukuoka Grand Opening Teddy Bear in orange Baseball outfit with Grand Opening                                           170.Fukuoka green & white flying V Guitar with Ornaments                                                                                          171.Fukuoka blue double Neck Guitar with Fukuoka Dome

172.Gatlinburg Opening Staff Harley Davidson Motorcycle
173.Gatlinburg Grand Opening Old Fashioned Plan Wagon

174.Guadalajara Grand Opening Sterling Silver Guitar
175.Guardalajara Blue Acoustic Guitar
176.Guadalajara Motorcycle - gold Fenders and Gas Tank - left facing
177.Guadalajara Motorcycle - light green Fenders and dark green & white Gas Tank
178.Guadalajara Motorcycle - blue Fenders and blue/dark blue Gas Tank with white Design
179.Guardalajara Orange 3D Guitar

180.Guam Opening Staff
181.Guam Motorcycle - red & white Fenders and Gas Tank
182.Guam Guitar with two Dolphins
183.Guam Guitar with Lei

184.Guangzhou Opening Pin with Rams Head                                                                                                    185.Guangzhou Fish Guitar Red Yellow & Green Fish left facing

HRC Letter Set                                                                                                                                                           186.HRC Letter H                                                                                                                                                        187.HRC Letter A                                                                                                                                                         188.HRC Letter R                                                                                                                                                       189.HRC Letter D

190. HRC Letter R                                                                                                                                                                 191. HRC Letter O                                                                                                                                                             192. HRC Letter C                                                                                                                                                                 193. HRC Letter H

194. HRC Letter C                                                                                                                                                             195. HRC Letter A                                                                                                                                                           196. HRC Letter F                                                                                                                                                           197. HRC Letter E

198.HRH  Las Vegas Opening Staff
199.HRH Las Vegas Opening King of Rock Logo
200.HRH Las Vegas Motorcycle w/ Red & White Fender & Gas Tank
201.HRH Las Vegas Motorcycle w/ White & Powder Blue Fender & Gas Tank Left Facing
202.HRH Las Vegas Motorcycle w/ Black & Flamed Gas Tank Chopper
203.HRH Las Vegas Motorcycle - Peter Fonda "Easy Rider" Motorcycle
204.HRH Las Vegas Motorcycle - Dennis Hopper "Easy Rider" Motorcycle
205.HRH Las Vegas Motorcycle - large Ninja red Motorcycle with Flames
206.HRH Las Vegas Motorcycle - large Ninja blue Motorcycle with Stripes                                                               207.HRC Las Vegas Motorcycle - Indian with Green Fenders and Green Gas Tank with Yellow Dot                             208.HRC Las Vegas Cinco de Mayo 2000 Martini Glass with Mexican Girl inside                               
209.HRH Las Vegas Valentine 97 Angel
210.HRH Las Vegas Valentine 98 Heart with Wings
211.HRH Las Vegas Valentine 99 Haert Guitar with Rose Vines
212.HRH Las Vegas Valentine 98 Set
213.HRH Las Vegas Halloween 98 Red & Black Guitar with Spider web
214.HRH Las Vegas Xmas 99 Sexy Girl Dinah in mini Santa 

215. Hollywood Opening Staff                                                                                                                              216.Hollywood Grand Opening Green Palm
217.Hollywood Black Rickenbacker with John Lennon Dead Rocker
218.Hollywood Halloween 99 Orange Guitar with Spider and Spider Web in Black Coffin-Box
219.Hollywood 1. Anniversary Green Guitar with Blond Waitress "Birdie"
220.Hollywood 2. Anniversary Pink Double-Neck Guitar with Waitress "Mary Ann"
221.Hollywood 3. Anniversary Purple Triple-Neck Guitar with Negro Waitress "Lamont"
222.Hollywood 4 Anniversary blue Quad-Neck Guitar with Waitress holding Tray                                               223.Hollywood 5 Anniversaey green Guitar with 5 Necks and black haired Waitress                                               224.Hollywood Xmas 99 Teddy Bear with Santa Hat and Cancycane
225.Hollywood Green Guitar with King Kong

226.Hong Kong Halloween 98 Black Skull
227.Hong Kong Halloween 96 Laughing Pumpkin
228.Hang Kong Fish Guitar Pink Light Pink Fish left Facing                                                                                              229.Hong Kong Valentini 2001 Clown with Buch of Flowers

230.Honolulu Fish Guitar Blue Yellow & Black Fish
231.Honolulu Gibson Gold Guitar Bill Haley Dead Rocker
232.Honolulu 10. Anniversary Surfboard with Flower

233.Houston Grand Opening Oil Derrick
234.Houston Black Gibson Roy Orbinson Dead Rocker
235.Houston Black & Brown Cowboy Boot w/ 1995 Houston Rodeo
236.Houston Tan & Brown Cowboy Boot with 1996 Houston Rodeo
237.Houston Motorcycle Green & White Fenders and Gas Tank

238.Indianapolis Opening Staff
239.Indianapolis Multi-Colored Indy 500 Race Car with 1999 Grand Opening                                                     240.Indianapolis Race Car Guitar
241.Indianapolis Blue Stratocaster Guitar with Gold Indy 500 Race Car

242.Key West Opening Staff
243.Key West Marguarita Glass with Lemon and Brown Guitar for Sizzle Stick
244.Key West Amberjack-Fish Guitar

245.Kobe Grand Opening Green & White Flying V Guitar with Red roses on Neck and Grand Opening                      246.Kobe Fish Guitar blue dark pink & yellow Fish                                                                                                      247.Kobe Valentine 2001                                                                                                                                             248.Kobe Cherry Blossom 2000 White Guitar with one large Cherry Blossoms and Japanese Letters        

249.Kona Opening Staff                                                                                                                                              250.Kona Fish Guitar Blue Red Yellow & White Fish with Red & White Fins                                                              251.Kona Hula Girl Holding Red Les Paul Guitar

252.Kowloon Grand Opening Dragon Heads on Logo with Grand Opening 94 on White Flag
253.Kowloon Red  Gold & Brown Chinese Junk Boat
254.Kowloon Halloween 97 2 Skeletons over Coffin
255.Kowloon Halloween 96 Laughing Pumpkin
256.Kowloon Halloween 98 White Skull
257.Kowloon Fish Guitar Green & Yellow Fish left Facing                                                                                         258.Kowloon Valentine 2001 Blonde Girl in Red Dress

259.Kuala Lumpur Tan & Black Squared Explorer w/ Gold Marking
260.Kuala Lumpur White & Black Squared Explorer w/ Gold Marking                                                                      261.Kuala Lumpur Red & Black Squared Explorer w/ Gold Marking
262.Kuala Lumpur Black Les Paul w/ Flag
263.Kuala Lumpur Valentine 98 Silver Heart with Arrow
264.Kuala Lumpur Halloween 98 Smiling Witch with Green Face Waering Purple Coat
265.Kuala Lumpur Set of 3 Motorcycles in plastic Box 
266.Kuala Lumpur 2nd Anniversary Red Les Paul w/ Motorcycle and Green Leaves                                                     267.Kuala Lumpur Black Fender Performer w/Red Hibiscus                                                                                      268.Kuala Lumpur Blue Les Paul w/Gold Globe Motif                                                                                            269.Kuala Lumpur Fish Guitar Blue & Lilac Fish with Yellow & Black Fins

270.Lake Tahoe Opening Staff 

271.Las Vegas Green Left -Handed Stratocaster Kurt Coban Dead Rocker  
272.Las Vegas Red & White Stratocaster w/ 1993 Las Vegas Rodeo
273.Las Vegas White & Red Stratocaster w/ 1994 Las Vegas Rodeo
274.Las Vegas Black & White Stratocaster w/ 1995 Las Vegas Rodeo
275.Las Vegas Black & White Stratocaster w/1996 Las Vegas Rodeo                                                                        276.Las Vegas Light Blue Stratocaster w/1997 Las Vegas Rodeo                                                                               277.Las Vegas Halloween 99 Blue & White Stratocaster in Coffin
278.London Black Cab

279.Los Angeles Red Kramer  Guitar
280.Los Angeles 16. Anniversary Purple Red & Gray Bubble Type Jukebox
281.Los Angeles Brown Acoustic Gibson w/ Buddy Holly  Dead Rocker
282.Los Angeles Yellow Telecaster w/ Western Map and Route US 66
283.Los Angeles Pink & Yellow Dressed Waitress Leaning Against Red Guitar

284.Makati Fish Guitar blue & light yellow Fish left facing                                                                      

285.Maui Powder Blue Danelecto Guitar w/Windsurfer 
286.Maui White Fender Bass w/ Sid Vicious Dead Rocker
287.Maui Fish Guitar Yellow Fish with Black Stripes and Purple Fins
288.Maui Valentine 98 Red Heart-Shaped Guitar with Angel

289.Melbourne Grand Opening Two Australian Flags Behind Logo
290.Melbourne Australia Day 99 Flag Colored Globe with Ostrich and Kangooroo
291.Melbourne Motorcycle - red Chopper
292.Melbourne Motorcycle - purple Chopper                                                                                                      293.Melbourne Motorcycle - black Chopper                                                                                                         294.Melbourne Motorcycle - White  Chopper                                                                                                     295.Melbourne Motorcycle - light blue  Chopper                                                                                                   296.Melbourne Motorcycle - dark green  Chopper
297.Melbourne Valentine 99 Red Heart Guitar with White Strap
298.Melborne White Guitar with Koala Wearing Sunglasses
299.Melborne Black Guitar with Koala Wearing Sunglasses
300.Melborne Xmas 98 Red Star Guitar with Black Ribbon
301.Melbourne Victoria blond Waitress in Shorts and Boots holding Tray and green flying V                               302.Melbourne Melba blond with Hat Boot brown Trousers and T'Shirt green Guitar                                           303.Melbourne Sandi green Hot Pants white Boot holding red Guitar                                                                   304.Melbourne Sheila green Dress green Hat Boot playing brown Guitar                                                             305.Melbourne Halloween 2000 Scary Looking Bloody Red Eyed Koala Bear                                                       306.Melbourne MotorcycleYellow Chopper

307.Memphis Opening Staff                                                                                                                                   308.Memphis 2. Anniversary Elvis -Alien playing Guitar
309.Memphis 1.Anniversary ligh Green Guitar with Elvis Scarf and Black Disc                                                         310.Memphis 3. Anniversary Girl with Glasses and Purple Ribbon in Hair Playing Pink Guitar

311.Mexico Blue Yellow and Orange Flying V w/ Angel de la Independencia
312.Mexico Purple Blue & Orange Stratocaster  Black Cafe Thick Gold Lines Mesh Back
313.Mexico Purple Blue & Orange Stratocaster  Gold Cafe Thick Gold Lines Polished Back
314.Mexico Red Green & White Stratocaster  Black Cafe Thick Gold Lines Mesh Back
315.Mexico Red Green & White Stratocaster  Gold Cafe Thick Gold Lines Polished Back
316.Mexico Red Burns Vibra-Artiste
317.Mexico Brown Hagstrom P46  Deluxe
318.Mexico Brown Fender Performer
319.Mexico Blue & Tan Guitar with Black Skyline
320.Mexico Cream Eko 700 4V with Red Neck
321.Mexico Ruby Red  Jackson Custom w/ Flag Colors
322.Mexico Motorcycle - black & white Fenders and black Gas Tank
323.Mexico Motorcycle - purple & white Fenders and purple Gas Tank
324.Mexico Motorcycle - yellow & checkered Fenders and checkered Gas Tank
325.Mexico Motorcycle - gray & red Fenders and Gas Tank
326.Mexico Motorcycle - white & blue Fenders and Gas Tank
327.Mexico Motorcycle - aqua Fenders and Gas Tank, silver Design on Tank
328.Mexico Motorcycle - dark blue Fenders and Gas Tank, silver Design on Tank - left facing
329.Mexico Motorcycle - teal Fenders & Gas Tank and large white Spokes                                                             330.Mexico Flag Colored Eko 700 4V
331.Mexico Logo with Gold Angel De La Independencia
332.Mexico Light Blue & Dark Blue Striped Guitar
333.Mexico Light Blue & Dark Blue Striped GuitarMexico Pink Iceman with Swirls                                                      334.Mexico Pink Iceman with Swirls                                                                                                                         335.Mexico Black & Green Stratocaster with  Stripes
336.Mexico Black & Gold Left-Handed Globe Motif Gibson Enamel Small Mexico on Neck                                       337.Mexico Blue & Gold Left-Handed Globe Motif Gibson Enamel Small Mexico on Neck                                          338.Mexico Purple Standing Stratocaster with Roses                                                                                                        339.Mexico White Eko 700 4V with Country Shape behind Logo

340.Miami Opening Staff                                                                  
341.Miami Guitar whith Dolphin
342.Miami Trigger-Fish Guitar

343.Myrtle Beach Green Gibson Double-Neck with Pyramid and Eye of Knowledge
344.Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Red Fenders and Gas Tank Left Facing

345.Malta Opening Staff white & Blue Gibson EDS-1275 double Neck Guitar with Rocks and OS                               346.Malta Grand Opening white Gibson EDS-1275 double Neck Guitar with Rocks and GO                                       347.Malta Motorcycle red & yellow Harley with Flames

348.Nagoya Zodiac New Year 99 with Rabbit Carrying a Red Guitar
349.Nagoya Valentine 98 Pink Heart Framed with smal White and Red Hearts
350.Nagoya Valentine 99 Pink Guitar with Cupid
351.Nagoya Fish Guitar Blue Light Blue Fish
352.Nagoya 3 Anniversary Set of 3 Waitress Pins in Set
353.Nagoya Halloween 98 Standing Witch with Guitar and Pumpkin Pail
354.Nagoya Red Yellow & Blue Fish                                                                                                                             355.Nagoya 4 Anniversary Girl with Motorcycle

356..Nashville Opening Staff

357.New Orleans 10 Anniversary Sterling Silver Mask
358.New Orleans 11. Anniversary Man with Saxophone
359.New Orleans Brown & Gold Gibson Acoustic with Rick Nelson Dead Rocker

360.New York 15 Anniversary King Kong with Red Guitar on Top of Empire State Building                                           361.New York 17 Anniversary 

362.Newport Beach Purple Left-Handed Paul Mc Cartney Hofner Bass
363.Newport Beach White Vox Guitar Brian Jones Dead Rocker
364.Newport Beach 7 Anniversary Blonde Woman Surfer in Suit on Blue & White Surfboard                               365.Newport Beach 6 Anniversary Pink Cadillac with Red Surfboard inside

366.Niagara Fall (Can) Black Barrel with Red & White Guitar Inside                                                                       367.Niagara Fall (Can) Black Barrel with Red & White Guitar Inside with Grand Opening             

368.Orlando Opening Staff
369.Orlando Blue Strotocaster with Green Gator
370.Orlando Alligator Eating a Red Guitar
371.Orlando Halloween 99 White Skull with Crossed Bones Guitar
372.Orlando HRH Grand Opening Key Chain and Key                                                                                                  373.Orlando 11 Anniversary 

374.Osaka Opening Staff
375.Osaka St. Patrick's Day 95 orange Les Paul with Leprechaun
376.Osaka Black & White Axe Bass with Silver Blade (Gene Simmons)
377.Osaka Zodiac New Year 99 White Rabbit Playing Blue Guitar
378.Osaka Valentine 98 White Acoustic Guitar with two Roses a nd Pink Ribbon
379.Osaka Valentine 99 Heard with Arrow Guitar with Cupid Laying on Guitar Neck
380.Osaka Valentine 2000 White Guitar with Red Love
381.Osaka St. Patrick's Day 98 White Guitar with Green Leaves
382.Osaka Cherry Blossom 99 White Guitar with Pink Cherry Blossoms
383.Osaka Halloween 98 White Ghost with Pumpkin
384.Osaka 2. Anniversary White Les Paul with Kabu To (Samurai Helmet)
385.Osaka 6. Anniversary Crosset Guitar with Flag
386.Osaka Halloween 2000 black & orange double Neck Guitar with black Cat on Guitar Neck                                  387.Osaka Fish Guitar lilac & yellow Fish                                                                                                                  388.Osaka Halloween 94 Halloween Creatures on Logo                                                                                            389.Osaka Halloween 99 2 Black Bat-Wing Guitar with Pumpkin and bat on nek and Spider Web                             390.Osaka Cherry Blosson 2000 Double-neck Guitar with Kyoto Castle and Cherry Blosson                                    391.Osaka Childre's Day 99 Purple Guitar with Samurai Mask

392.Osaka Citywalk Red Motorcycle

393.Ottawa Halloween Witch Stirring a Cauldron

394.Oasis Opening Staff                                                                                                                     

395.Paris Blue Les Paul with Flag Colored Logo
396.Paris White Les Paul with Flag Colored Logo
397.Paris White Les Paul Arc de Triomphe
398.Paris Blue  Les Paul Arc de Triomphe
399.Paris Red  Les Paul Arc de Triomphe
400.Paris 8 Anniversary upright white rhombic shaped Pin with Eifel Tower and eight Ball                                                     401.Paris Valentine 2001 Martini Glasses with Hearts

402.Philadelphia Opening Staff                                                                                                                                  403.Philadelphia 1 Anniversary Yellow Liberty Bell with US Flag on top

404.Phoenix Opening Staff                                                                                                                                               405.Phoenix white Motorcycle with black Outline and "1999 Poker Run"
406.Phoenix Motorcycle - red with Flames on Gas Tank - 1998 Bike Week
407.Phoenix Black Reverse Firebird with Yellow Flames pre Opening
408.Phoenix Brown Stratocaster with Stevie Ray Vaughn Dead Rocker
409.Phoenix 3. Anniversary Guitar Playing Cactus

410.Puerto Vallarta Logo w/Gold Sea Horse enamel Light Brown                                                                                     411.Puerto Vallarta Red & Black Gibson Double-Neck
412.Puerto Vallarta Black Gibson Explorer
413.Puerto Vallarta White & Black Stratocaster with Mexican Flag
414.Puerto Vallarta Purple Double-Neck with Black Seahorses
415.Puerto Vallarta Aqua  Double-Neck with Gold  Seahorses
416.Puerto Vallarta Green Stratocaster with Parrot
417.Puerto Vallarta Motorcycle - blue & white Fenders, blue Gas Tank - 3LT
418.Puerto Vallarta Motorcycle - dark green Fenders, black & dark green Gas Tank - 3LT
419.Puerto Vallarta Motorcycle - green Fenders, light green Gas Tank - large white Spokes - 3LT
420.Puerto Vallarta  Motorcycle - red Fenders and Gas Tank, silver Design on Tank
421.Puerto Vallarta Motorcycle - white & dark blue Fenders silver stripe with light blue Dot on Tank                                 422.Puerto Vallarta Black Guitar with two Green Seahorses
423.Puerto Vallarta Green Flying V with Navy Rebel Stripes with Stars
424.Puerto Vallarta Blue Cruise Ship Guitar                                                                                                              425.Puerto Vallarta Blue Stratocaster with Rose Vines Brown Neck

426.Reykjavik Purple Les Paul with AIDS Awareness Ribbon
427.Reykjavik Xmas 97 Smiling Pumpkin Cracking the HRC Logo

428.Rome Opening Staff
429.Rome Red Guitar with White Coliseum                                                                                                                    430.Rome Roman Soldier Hollding Red & White Guitar                                                                              
431.Rome Halloween 99 Orange Gibson ES with Black Cat on Neck                                                                                432.Rome 1 Anniversary gray street sign with Veni Vidi Vici                                                                                                433.Rome 2 Anniversary Roman Warrior with Guitar                                                                                                         434.Rome Xmas 2000 Santa playing Piano                                                                                                                       435.Rome New Year 2001 Guitar with large 2001 blue strap                                                                                             436.Rome New Year 2001 Set 3 Pin Set 2 Martini Glasses and Shaker in Box

437.Rio De Janeiro OS                                                                                                                                                        438.Rio De Janeiro Motorcycle Red & White Indian Motorcycle                                                                                           439.Rio De Janieiro Motorcycle Yellow & White Indian Motorcycle                                                                                  440.Rio De Janieiro Motorcycle Blue & White Indian Motorcycle                                          

441.Saipan Opening Staff                                                                                                                                                  442.Saipan Motorcycle - white & blue Fenders and Gas Tank
443.Saipan Grand Opening with Surfboard and Flames and Crossed Guitar
444.Saipan Fish Guitar Blue Light Blue & Yellow Fish

445.Sacramento OS

446.San Antonio Blue Gibson Acoustic with Yellow Rose and White Star
447.San Antonio Rodeo 98 Cowboy Riding Blue Guitar in Front of Taxas Flag

448.San Diago OS                                                                                                                                                               449..San Diego Martini Glasses with Anchor
450.San Diego Red & White Flying V with Jimi Hendrix

451.San Francisco Red Gretsch with Eddie Cochran Dead rocker
452.San Francisco Martini Glass with Rainbow and Butterfly

453.San Juan Opening Staff                                                                                                                                                 454.San Juan White Les Paul with Coqui Frog
455.San Juan Bike Night 2001 Yellow Motorcycle                                                                                                                 456.San Juan Fish Guitar Blue Fish with Yellow Fins

457.Seoul Grand Opening Pink & Yellow Yin &Yan
458.Seoul Guitar with Pink Crane
459.Seoul Fish Guitar purple & yellow Fish                                                                                                                       460.Seoul Xmas 2000 blue & light blue Guitar with Piles of Snow

461.Shanghai Fish Guitar orange & green Fish left facing

462.Sharm El Sheik Opening Staff
463.Sharm El Sheik Grand Opening Black  Leather Jacket over Red Double-Neck Guitar
464.Sharm El Sheik Grand Opening Blue  Leather Jacket over  Double-Neck Guitar
465.Sharm El Sheik Grand Opening Red Leather Jacket over  Double-Neck Guitar
466.Sharm El Sheik Nefreteti Pin (Famous Egypt Princess)
467.Sharm El Sheik Pin with flying Man

468.Shenzhen Grand Opening

469.Singapore Red Les Paul with Merlion and Palm Tree                                                                                           470.Singapore White Les Paul with Merlion and Palm Tree
471.Singapore 5. Anniversary Blue Les Paul with Red V Yellow Banner and Green Vines
472.Singapore Motorcycle with "in Aids for the Children" (mistake-Pin)
473.Singapore Harley Davidson Logo with V-Engine of Motorcycle
474.Singapore Halloween 94 Logo with Witch and Cauldron                                                                                       475.Singapore Fish Guitar blue green & yellow Butterfly Guitar                                                                                     476.Singapore Xmas 2000 sexy Girl in Santa Costume sitting on green Guitar                                                              477.Singapore Purple Guitar with Girl February 2001

478.St. Louis Opening Staff
479.St. Louis Grand Opening Dark Blue  Guitar with Half-Moon Gold Stars and City Silhouette                                              480.St Louis Baselball Player

481.St. Thomas White Les Paul with Green Iguana
482.St. Thomas Fish Guitar blue & yellow Fish

483.Stockholm Green Flying V
484.Stockholm Halloween 95 Jack-O-Latern with Viking Helmet
485.Stockholm Black Acoustic with Elvis 60th Birthday
486.Stockholm Light Brown Acoustic with Buddy Holly 60th Birthday
487.Stockholm Black Killar Guitar
488.Stockholm Mutated Flying V Zebra Guitar
489.Stockholm Purple Flying V Guitar
490.Stockholm Blue Kiss Axe Bass with Flag Logo
491.Stockholm Swedish Flag Guitar with Heart and Peace Sign
492.Stockholm Red Les Paul Light Orange Logo
493.Stockholm Waitress Anna black Hair white Dress red Stratocaster                                                                        494.Stockholm Waitress Svea blond Hair yellow Dress blue Stratocaster
495.Stockholm Waitress Lisa Black Hair Pink Dress Light Blue Stratocaster
496.Stockholm Waitress Matilda black Hair black Dress white Stratocaster                                                                 497.Stockholm Waitress Kicki Blond Hair white Dress Blue Guitar
498.Stockholm Waitress Helena  Blond Hair white Dress Green  Guitar
499.Stockholm Waitress Karin  Black Hair white Dress Gold  Guitar
500.Stockholm Waitress Petra  Blond Hair white Dress Red  Guitar
501.Stockholm Waitress Maria Black Hair white Dress Purple  Guitar
502.Stockholm Waitress Linda Blond Hair with Red Stratocaster and Tray with Glasses
503.Stockholm Waitress Marlin  Blond Hair with Green Stratocaster and Tray with Glasses
504.Stockholm Waitress Emma Blond Hair with Blue Stratocaster and Tray with Glasses
505.Stockholm Waitress Ingrid Blond Hair with Pink Stratocaster and Tray with Glasses
506.Stockholm Waitress Sanna Blond Hair with Gold Stratocaster and Tray with Glasses
507.Stockholm Waitress Therese red-brown Hair with teal Stracaster and Tray with Glasses                                      508.Stockholm Waitress Jessica black Hair with purple Guitar and Tray with Glasses                                                509.Stockholm Waitress  Monica White & Black Uniform Viking  Helmet   Holding Purple Guitar
510.Stockholm Waitress  Eva Yellow & Purple Uniform Viking  Helmet   Holding Green Guitar
511.Stockholm Waitress  Annika Green & White  Uniform Viking  Helmet   Holding Black Guitar
512.Stockholm Waitress  Annelie Yellow & Brown  Uniform Viking  Helmet   Holding Blue Guitar
513.Stockholm Waitress Charlott Red & White Uniform Viking  Helmet   Holding Blue Guitar
514.Stockholm Waitress Mari Brown & Yellow Uniform Viking  Helmet   Holding Purple Guitar
515.Stockholm Waitress  Anna 2 Blue & White  Uniform Viking  Helmet   Holding Orange Guitar
516.Stockholm Waitress Martina Blond Blue Shorts White Shirt Holding Tray and Blue Guitar
517.Stockholm Waitress Ida  Blond Turquoise Shorts White Shirt Holding Tray and Green Guitar
518.Stockholm Waitress Paola Black Hair  Brown Skin Black Shorts Holding Tray and Black Guitar
519.Stockholm Waitress Gabi Brown hair white Shirt black Shorts holding tray and purple Guitar                                520.Stockholm Waitress Emilia Blond white Shirt blue Shorts holding tray and red Guitar                                           521.Stockholm Waitress Johanna Blond Hair purple Trousers blue & white Guitar                                                      522.Stockholm Waitress Frida Black Hair green Shorts red & white Guitar                                                                523.Stockholm Waitress Agnetha Brown Hair red Shorts blue Guitar                                                                        524.Stockholm Waitress Ummi Blond Hair teal Shorts Blue  Guitar                                                                              525.Stockholm Waitress Erika Blond Hair Yellow Apron holding Tray and Green Guitar
526.Stockholm Waitress Kristina Red Hair Red Apron holding Tray and Red Guitar                                                         527.Stockholm Waitress Ronna                                                                                                                                       528.Stockholm Waitress                                                                                                                                                   529.Stockholm Waitress                                                                                                                                                    530.Stockholm Waitress                                                                                                                                                 531.Stockholm Motorcycle - Harley with red & white Fenders and red Gas Tank
532.Stockholm Motorcycle - Harley with black & white Fenders and black Gas Tank
533.Stockholm Motorcycle - Harley with purple Fenders and yellow Flames on Gas Tank
534.Stockholm Motorcycle - Harley with blue & white Fenders and blue Gas Tank                                                          535.Stockholm Motorcycle - Harley with green & white Fenders and green Gas Tank                                                       536.Stockholm Motorcycle - Indian with red & white Fenders                                                                                            537.Stockholm Motorcycle - Indian with aqua & white Fenders
538.Stockholm Motorcycle - Indian with blue & white Fenders
539.Stockholm Motorcycle - Indian with purple & white Fenders
540.Stockholm Motorcycle - new Style with red & white Fenders
541.Stockholm Motorcycle - new Style with black & white Fenders
542.Stockholm Motorcycle - new Style with green & white Fenders
543.Stockholm Motorcycle - new Style with Blue & white Fenders
544.Stockholm Motorcycle - blue Chopper with yellow Flames on Gas Tank
545.Stockholm Motorcycle - black Chopper with red Flames on Gas Tank
546.Stockholm Motorcycle - blue Chopper with white Flames on Gas Tank
547.Stockholm Motorcycle - Yellow Chopper with white Flames on Gas Tank
548.Stockholm Motorcycle - green & light green Harley - left facing                                                   
549.Stockholm Valentine 98 Heart with Angel
550.Stockholm Midsummer 98 Black Guitar with Sun
551.Stockholm Halloween 99 Screaming Skull with Flames Guitar
552.Stockholm 10. Anniversary black Double-Neck Guitar
553.Stockholm 10 Anniversary red Double-Neck Guitar                                                                                                     554.Stockholm 10 Anniversary green Double-Neck Guitar                                                                                                      555.Stockholm 10 Anniversary blue Double-Neck Guitar                                                                                                     556.Stockholm 11 Anniversary black Triple-Neck Fender                                                                                                  557.Stockholm 11 Anniversary green Triple-Neck Fender                                                                                                   558.Stockholm 11 Anniversary blue Triple-Neck Fender                                                                                                      559.Stockholm 11 Anniversary purple Triple-Neck Fender                                                                                                560.Stockholm Halloween 2000 Vampire Girl                                                                                                                  561.Stockholm Halloween 95 Jack-O-Latern with Viking Helmet                                                                                       562.Stockholm black Cadillac                                                                                                                                           563.Stockholm turqoise Cadillac

564.Surfers Paradise Halloween 98 Guitar with a Witch's Hat on top
565.Surfers Paradise Motorcycle - light blue & white Fenders and Gas Tank 3LC grib Back                                                   566.Surfers Paradise Motorcycle - blue and white Fenders and Gas Tank left facing                                                                567.Surfers Paradise Motorcycle - red Fenders and red & white Gas Tank grib Back                                                             568.Surfers Paradise Motorcycle - white & green  Fenders and Gas Tank                                                                              569.Surfers Paradise Motorcycle - Chopper with yellow Gas Tank                                                                                                              

570.Sydney Halloween 98 Ovel Pin with Skeleton Carrying a Silver Guitar
571.Sydney Motorcycle - light green Fenders  and Gas Tank 3 Headlights                                                                             572.Sydney Motorcycle - Yellow Fenders and Gas Tank 3 Headlights             
573.Sydney Motorcycle - Red & White Fenders and Gas Tank 3Headlights                                                         574.Sydney 10. Anniversary Crossed Guitar with Oper House and Centerpoint Tower                                                            575.Sydney Olympia 2000 Waitress Frannie gold Medal gold Tone                                                                                        576.Sydney Olympia 2000 Waitress Vickie silver Medal gold Tone                                                                                        577.Sydney Olympia 2000 Waitress Bilja bronze Medal gold Tone                                                                                        578.Sydney Silver Marc Bolan Guitar with T-Rex

579.Taipei Grand Opening Black Motorcycle and two Red Guitar
580.Taipei Brown & Gold Gibson Acoustic with light Gold Dragon 
581.Taipei New Pipas Set Green Gold and Blue Pipa  2  3
582.Taipei Chinese Waitress with Guitar Brown Dress
583.Taipei Chinese Waitress with Guitar Purple Dress
584.Taipei Chinese Waitress with Guitar Green Dress
585.Taipei Chinese Waitress with Guitar Blue Dress
586.Taipei 3 Anniversary Chinese Boy with Newspaper
587.Taipei Valentine 98 Purple Guitar with Purple Heart and Silver Purple & Blue Wings
588.Taipei Halloween 96 Light Orange Laughing Pumpkin with Dark Green Letters
589.Taipei Motorcycle - black Fenders and black & yellow Gas Tank w. gold Trim - 1L "HRC Inc."
590.Taipei Motorcycle - purple & white Fenders and Gas Tank - red & blue Logo
591.Taipei Halloween 97 Orange & Dark  Blue Guitar with Divel
592.Taipei Halloween 97 Orange & Black  Guitar with Divel
593.Taipei Halloween 98 Silver Flaming  Skull
594.Taipei Halloween 99 Set of 2 Guitars with Skeleton one Silver on Gold
595.Taipei Halloween 2000 2 Pin set Cat Girl and Spider Girl with Guitar
596.Taipei Xmas 97 Snowman with Santa Hat over Yellow Guitar with Blue Stars
597.Taipei Xmas 97 Snowman with Santa Hat over Blue  Guitar with Yellow Stars
598.Taipei 7 Anniversary Asian Girl in green Dress sitting on upright red Guitar                                                                        599.Taipei Fish Guitar light blue green & yellow Fish left facing

600.Tel Aviv Red Stratocaster with White Star of David
601.Tel Aviv White Stratocaster with White Star of David
602.Tel Aviv White Stratocaster with Blue Star of David
603.Tel Aviv Light Green Stratocaster with White Star of David                                                                                   604.Tel Aviv Black Stratocaster with White Star of David
605.Tel Aviv Dark Blue Stratocaster with White Star of David
606.Tel Aviv Powder Blue Stratocaster with White Star of David
607.Tel Avis purple Stratocaster with Menorah                                                                                                           608.Tel Aviv powder blue Stratocaster with Menorah                                                                                                  609.Tel Aviv dark Blue  Stratocaster with Menorah
610.Tel Aviv Light Green  Stratocaster with Menorah
611.Tel Aviv Motorcycle - checkered Fenders and Gas Tank - white Logo
612.Tel Aviv Motorcycle - checkered Fenders and Gas Tank - yellow Logo
613.Tel aviv Blue & White Zebra Striped Guitar with Staff
614.Tel aviv Red & White Zebra Striped Guitar with Staff
615.Tel aviv White & Black Zebra Striped Guitar with Staff
616.Tel aviv Pink & White  Grand Opening Guitar  Staff
617.Tel Aviv Blue & White Grand Opening Guitar
618.Tel Aviv Black & White Grand Opening Guitar

619.Tijuana Opening Staff
620.Tijuana Serape Les Paul
621.Tijuana Blue & Green Cactus Guitar w/Orange Sombrero
622.Tijuana Mexican & US Flag Colored Stratocaster w. Banner The Border of Rock n' Roll
623.Tijuana Red Gibson ES with Mexican Flag
624.Tijuana Blue Gibson ES with Mexican Flag
625.Tijuana Telecaster with US & Mexican Flag Colored
626.Tijuana Green Gibson ES and Light Brown Sombrero
627.Tijuana Brown Gibson ES and Light Brown Sombrero
628.Tijuana Black Gibson ES and Light Brown Sombrero
629.Tijuana Black & White Double-Neck Flying V Guitar
630.Tijuana Red & Blue Rebel Flag Flying V Guitar with Stars
631.Tijuana Green Iceman Guitar with Black Stars
632.Tijuana Blue SG with White Alien
633.Tijuana Black SG with Green Alien
634.Tijuana New Alien Guitar
635.Tijuana Motorcycle - teal Fenders and Gas Tank - black Trim on front rim
636.Tijuana Motorcycle - black Fenders and Gas Tank - left facing
637.Tijuana Motorcycle - yellow & checkered Fenders and checkered Gas Tank
638.Tijuana Motorcycle - purple Fenders & Gas Tank - large white Spokes
639.Tijuana Motorcycle - red Fenders and red & yellow flamed Gas Tank - Chopper
640.Tijuana Motorcycle - red Harley with black Flames - Chopper
641.Tijuana Motorcycle - purple Fenders and purple & yellow flamed Gas Tank Chopper                                                      642.Tijuana Motorcycle - black Harley with red Dot on black Tank - with Saddlebags
643.Tijuana Motorcycle - green Harley
644.Tijuana Motorcycle - blue Harley with red Dot on blue Gas Tank - with Saddlebags
646.Tijuana Logo with Black  Sombrero 
647.Tijuana Logo with Gold Cactus
648.Tijuana Valentine 98 Skull with Sombrero
649.Tijuana 5. Anniversary Set 3 Pins in Wooden Box
650.Tijuana 2 Anniversary Logo with two finger Peace Sign                                                                                                    651.Tijuana 4 Anniversary 1992-1996 Shaped Cactus on Logo w/Green White & Red Banner                              652.Tijuana Navy Blue & White Stratocaster                                                                                                        653.Tijuana Black & Gold Zebra Striped Flying V thing Gold Stripes                                                                                      654.Tijuana Green & Gold Zebra Striped Flying V thing Gold Stripes                                                                                     655.Tijuana Blue & Gold Zebra Striped Flying V thing Gold Stripes                                                                                        656.Tijuana Whte & Red Zebra Striped Flying V thing Gold Stripes                                                                      657.Tijuana Orange & Green Striped Guitar                                                                                                                          658.Tijuana Dark Blue Guitar with Green Map of Word                                                                                                        659.Tijuana Green Guitar with Gold Map of Word

660.Tokyo Fish Guitar dark pink Fish with yellow green & blue Dots
661.Tokyo Zodiac New Year 99 Stading Red Guitar with White Rabbit Sitting at Left
662.Tokyo Valentine 95 Black Acoustic with Red Rose
663.Tokyo Valentine 97 White  Acoustic with Red Rose
664.Tokyo Cherry Blosson 98 Brown Guitar with 3 Cherry Blossoms
665.Tokyo St. Patrick's Day 99 White Guitar with Irish Flag Logo and Shamrock Strap
666.Tokyo Cherry Blossom 98 Brown Guitar with 3 Cherry Blossoms
667.Tokyo St Patrick's Day 97 Green Les Paul with Leprechaun
668.Tokyo Halloween 94 Jack O-Later Headed Ghost with Bat on Logo
669.Tokyo Halloween 99 White Guitar with Pumpkin and Leaves
670.Tokyo Halloween 2000 Black upright Gibson Guitar with Ghost Raven Skull and Tombstone
671.Tokyo Valentine 99 2 Pin Puzzle set Together they form a Red Double-Neck with 2 Cupids
672.Tokyo Cherry Blosson 99 Pink Guitar with White Cherry Blosson                                                                   673.Tokyo St. Patrick's Day 98 green Guitar with light green Leaves
674.Tokyo Valentine 98 Pink Acoustic with Red Rose
675.Tokyo Cherry Blosson 2000 Black Guitar with two Cherry Blossoms

676.Vancouver Halloween 97 Green & Black Witch Riding on Red Guitar

677.Washington Dc 11 Anniversary purple Guitar with flag colored Hard Rock

678.Whistler Halloween 97 Green & Black Witch Riding on Orange Guitar

679.Yokohama Grand Opening
680.Yokohama Valintene 99 Red Heart with Red Ribbon
681.Yokohama Zodiac New Year 99 Green Guitar with White Rabbit on top
682.Yokohama Valentine 98 Pink Heart with Red Ribbon
683.Yokohama Valentine 2000 Two Broken Heart Guitar with two Cupids
684.Yokohama Halloween 98 Witch Holding a Yellow Les Paul and a Black Cat
685.Yokohama Halloween 99 Brown Guitar withPumpkin-Head Ghost
686.Yokohama 1. Anniversary Sax with US and Japanese Flag                                                                                            687.Yokohama Fish Guitar green & orange Fish                                                                                                                688.Yokohama Halloween 2000 Ghots playing black Les Paul Guitar                                                                                689.Yokohama St Patrick's Day 99 Irish Flag Guitar with Shamrock