Ada 95 Library

Ada 95

I put some of my Ada 95 packages into the public domain in the hope that they'll be useful to someone else out there.

The following Ada 95 source code is available:

An ASIS-based HTML generator for Ada 95 library unit specifications, similar to javadoc for Java sources. Available as source and as a prebuilt executable for GNAT 3.14p on Windows NT and 2000. Distributed under the GPL.

A library of generally useful Ada 95 packages. Some routines to facilitate text file handling, some useful string operations including wildcard matching, time and calendar operations not limited by the narrow range of the standard package Ada.Calendar, ...

Free software, distributed under the GNAT modified GNU General Public License (GMGPL).

A speed and space optimized implementation of generic Quicksort (or rather, Introspective Sort), with different interfaces. For historical reasons, distributed under the Ada Community License. (Another version of this is in the AdaBrowse distribution and is covered only by the GMGPL.)

Coming soon: Random Numbers
A library of several strong pseudo- and quasi-random number generators. Includes the Mersenne Twister and several others. Also has an implementation of the Park-Miller "minimal standard linear congruential PRNG".

More soon!