Util - The Ada 95 Utility Library

Ada 95 Sources

The Util subsystem is an Ada 95 library that offers many generally useful abstractions and utility routines.

It is free software; it is distributed under the terms of the GNAT modified GNU General Public License (GMGPL).

util_1.1.tar.gz (179kB)
Contains the Ada 95 sources, on-line documentation in HTML format and the sources of some test programs. Includes a Makefile.

Last update of the Util library: Dec 01, 2002; Library version 1.1.


The Util subsystem contains:

You can browse the on-line documentation of the Util subsystem. This HTML documentation has been generated automatically (except for the frames) by AdaBrowse, my javadoc-like HTML generator for Ada 95. AdaBrowse is freeware and distributed under the GPL.