Commodore 128


The Commodore 64 was selling well, but in 1985, Commodore launched another computer. The big brother of the Commodore 64. It was a new generation of personal computers. His professional specifications made him able to compete the IBM PC or the Apple IIc. This because it has 128KB of RAM, 80 columns capability and his full compatibility to the Commodore 64. With an additional Zilog Z80 CPU it can run CP/M software.

C128 set A typical Commodore 128 set with a 1571 disk drive and color display

In the same year the C128D arrived in Europe. It features an internal 1571 disk drive, power supply and seperate keyboard. One year later Commodore launched the C128DCR, also available now in the USA. CR means cost reduced, the motherboard was higher integrated and with the 1571 electronics onboard.

Because of the upcoming 16bit computers, Amiga and Atari, the C128 wasn't very succesful to the home market. Only a few games were specially made for the C128. And also in business market the C128 was overtaken by IBM PCs.

Nevertheless the C128 is a fantastic machine with many professional features, and we can be proud to have one, or two... :-)