Have you ever dreamed to play an old Commodore 64 game on your PC? To write a program in that amazing BASIC V2? To see that great demo and listen to that indescribable sound? It's possible!

There exist several Commodore 64 emulators. They emulate the whole computer, including graphics and sound. You can use a virtual 1541 floppy and datassette. While the first emulators back in the 90's already emulated 90% of the hard- and software, the actual emulators are almost 100% perfect. They emulate not only the computer and disk drives, no, RAM expansions, cartridges, printers, stereo SID sound and RS232-ports. You can load and save snapshots, record sound and videos. The emulator VICE even supports the PET, VIC-20, Plus/4 and the C128! There exist emulators for all OS's and platforms, from Amiga to smartphones.

VICE 3.5 - Versatile Commodore 8-bit Emulator

© 1993-2020 VICE team
DOS, Win9x, Win32, Win64, Mac, OS/2, Acorn, BeOS, QNX, Amiga and much more, Open Source

VICE is the most advanced emulator available. It emulates the C64, the C128, the VIC20, the CBM-II and all the PET models of Commodore!

Beside all the capabilities mentioned above, VICE features a nice visual effect. You can emulate the unsharpness of the screen! It is called PAL emulation.

PAL emulation off
PAL emulation on

Official VICE homepage

Keymap files for Swiss German 🇨🇭 keyboard

I created keymap files the Swiss German keyboard layout. Using the positional layout, most keys are located like you're having a real C64 under your fingers. Of course you remember all the keys? Using the symbolic layout, all characters are mapped to the according swiss german layout. Enable them in the Settings - Input devices - Keyboard.

positional - recommended, layout according to this map on the c64-wiki.de
symbolic - not recommended, as you can't type all characters (mainly the PETSCII graphics)


CCS64 3.9.2 - A Commodore 64 Emulator

© 1995-2015 Per Håkan Sundell
DOS, Win9x, Win32, Win64, Shareware

This emulator "only" emulates the C64, but very good! I haven't found any game, program or demo yet, which doesn't run. CCS64 has the best VIC-II emulation - you can see every wanted and unwanted effect. C64 and 1541 floppy emulation is cycle exact! Look and feel of the menu is more Commodore style, but Windows menus are also available. PAL emulation like in the VICE emulator is also available, looks like the real one!

Official CCS64 homepage