Tesla Coil "Black & White" - First Light

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We had "First Light" of B&W at the weekend of 22/23th July 2000, on occasion of a (very-)small Swiss-coiler meeting, with the joy of having Finn Hammer - and family- with us. He was able to bring his bright, up to 300BPS SRSG-"Millenium Gap" with him. In the backyard-outdoor setup for B&W it was operated at 200BPS, showing superior performance over my big airblown-gap, even without beeing tuned optimally. On July 23th 2000, we obtained a repeatable sparklength of 3.3m (10.8'), horizontally, from a breakout point to a ladder, with about 10kW/11kVA input power, compared to 2.8m(9.2') with the static gap. Unfortunately nobody was remembering taking spark-pictures, when it was time for it, saturday evening,...and the next day it was no more possible, because of rain and need to disassemble the setup.

B&W, first time
in full size: ~3.2m
56'893 bytes

setting up the
power supply unit
151'189 bytes

The power-supply
& control "bay"
96'191 bytes

mounting static,
air-blast gap
85'823 bytes

Finns SRSG
attached to B&W
87'769 bytes

Finn and the coil
in a "raincoat"
51'110 bytes

back: Finn, Martin D.
front: Kurt, Andi S.
112'860 bytes

...black and white
with "Black&White"
(my wife Margaret)
105'912 bytes

3 friends and
my big coil
(from 1st floor)
128'711 bytes

...keep an eye on
the tree (right)
193'429 bytes

living organisms
don't love sparks!
pic' ~1 week after.
41'952 bytes

same tree, pic'
 ~ 4 months after, but
tree will survive!
33'578 bytes
No..., this spark-photo
was not taken at time
of  "first light", but yes
we had similar sparks..!

50'318 bytes

The spark-pic was
taken at "second light" in
the "Technorama show",
click, to see more sparks
The tree-pic's may
induce some thoughts
in those, who yet like
to attract sparks to
their bodies...!