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TC "Black & White" - Sparks at Technorama  I

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 In October 19th, 2000, the Swiss science-center Technorama (museum)  gave me the opportunity, to demostrate B&W, on occasion of their sponsors-meeting-day "Technorama-Forum". A big hall (imagine a cube of about 12m side, colored black, the whole inside) was made available for the demo. The coil was shown, about twice a day, for the usual visitors of the museum, as a special-show, during a limited time of a few days. Coiler-friend Martin Damev and me were setting up the coil, which had first light on 22/23th July 2000, but yet without my own sync-rotary gap. The noise and gas(NOx, Ozone)-production of the coil proved to be a serious disturbance for the visitors, as well as the electromagnetic disturbances for part of the security-systems. So, we had to limit our tests with the TC to the times, when the museum was not operating (nights and Mondays). Despite of these obstacles, Martin and me were able to perform a number of  interesting tests, with different kinds of power supply units (PT-farm, strayfield laser xfrmer, rectified 3 phase from laser-xfrmer) - and sparkgaps (static blast-gap, my SRSG, Martins ASRSG). On October 16th, we obtained a reproducible sparklength of 4.15m (13.6'), horizontally, from a breakout point to a ladder, with 6kW/9kVA input power from Martin's Laser-Xfrmr.

The first 7 spark-pics were taken on October 16th 2000, by Andi, on ASA50 diapositive-film. By that time, we operated the coil with a horizontal breakout point, to an ungrounded ladder, using Martin Damevs 3-phase laser transformer, on 2-phase only. We also were able to get breakout from the toroid, without breakout point, with about 3 free-moving streamers: great to see, but was hard to reproduce again! Regrettably: no photos of it!

The last 4 spark-pics show the sparks from a centered breakout-point, on top of the TC, to one of my 80cm toroids, hanging on a crane, in a distance of about 3.9...4m. This is the way, the museum will show it to the public. Vertical sparks, seen relative to the black walls of the room, are quite impressive, because they let remember, a little bit, natures "real lightning" ;o)). The power was supplied by my PT farm.

B&W in the 
Technorama Hall
(~ 10m cube size)
61'494 bytes

power supply unit.
at right: 3-phase, 
strayfield laser-xfrmr 
of Martin Damev
74'815 bytes

Technorama made
labels, in order to 
identify components
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my new rotary's
view, from B&W's
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43'073 bytes

48'773 bytes

70'149 bytes

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50'318 bytes

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situation for next 4
spark-pic's: dist. from
TC breakout point 
to toroid on crane is
about 3.9..4m
next to coil: Martin D.
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