Building my Induction Coil

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Contemplating to build an induction coil since longer time, realizing this project was triggered by good luck, of obtaining a laminated-iron core, suited for the purpose. Induction coils were a topic of interest as well, because of the numerous discussins regarding Andi's inductor. While I'm very grateful to Andi for sharing his experience, and borrowing his construction, engineering the electrical characteristics has been done again from scratch. Soo..., my own coil was realized between July and September 2001.

click to see the induction coil's main data

Primary with 2 layers of
of 5x1.7mm profile-wire
complete. Length:50cm 
Size vs. HP-calculator.
37'084 bytes

3 layer primary, PP-foil
insulated, before pressing
into hardpaper tube.
62'700 bytes

42cm long, laminated 
iron core made from 
0.3mm transformer sheet.
cross section: 14cm2
63'182 bytes

Mylar/glassfiber composite
sheets, as shown, give 
another 2.9mm layer, and a
final 72mm diameter tube.
31'499 bytes

Primary in plexiglass frame,
cardboard rings for 
secondary and iron core.
50'706 bytes

winding rig for the 
secondary "pies" with
winding counter. 
28'793 bytes

28 finished "pies",
1600 turns/0.4mm wire
each, and >30min.
32'437 bytes

...assembling and 
connecting (soldering)
the secondary "pies".
35'762 bytes

...commonly known
dimmer-circuit, used
as capacitor discharger.
(here only 6.5uF)
41'339 bytes

dimmer, upgraded with
C=19uF, placed into
coil support box.
40'738 bytes

induction coil finished!
39'020 bytes

...another view.
21'972 bytes