Sparks and Arcs from my Induction Coil (with Dimmer-Driver)

Click on the photos for bigger picture. 
When obtaining these little sparks, I was enjoying my HV-hobby almost as much, as when throwing manifold (up to 20 times) longer ones with the Tesla-coils. The different device has it's own merits, i.e. surprise No.1 was, how much abuse the good-old-cheap leyden-jars have survived; surprise No.2 the flame-like appearence of the Jacobs-ladder arcs for the human eye vs. the banjo-effect on the time exposure photo. The pic's were taken in October 31th, 2001. Enjoy yourself!

Smoothly running 
induction coil at
15.5cm spark (~100kV)
31'497 bytes

2 serial leyden-jars
(=375pF) connected:
Horrible noise!
32'301 bytes

closeup of  the 8cm (~65kV) 
capacitor discharges.
Amazed the jars support it!
35'586 bytes

20cm sparks (~120kV)
starting of sporadic
insulation problems
along inner tube.
43'937 bytes

25cm sparks (~145kV)
as seen on this pic',
insulation problems
are becoming serious!
38'521 bytes

time exposition photo of 
this Jacobs-ladder shows
the 50Hz BPS, 'cause of
the short dimmer-pulses.
33'833 bytes

d = 5cm polished balls,
positioned 48mm(100kV)
comparing to needle points,
13.3cm (90kV) apart.
26'721 bytes

"simultaneous" firing of
both gaps starts only at
points 11.1cm(80kV),
which was not expected.
29'802 bytes

"simultaneous" firing 
closeup. BTW: the balls
tend yet to fire first.
37'105 bytes

pure needle point
15.5 cm discharge.
(~100kV from table)
26'789 bytes

...a 20cm spark closeup.
27'927 bytes

spectacular, crackling
spark effect around a
23x23x0.5cm acryl-plate
30'496 bytes
The very basic
dimmer-circuit has
proven reliable
in all of the above
experiments. The
wall power is about
2.4kVA, when ope-
rating the coil at
100Hz BPS.

homemade dimmer &
induction coil primary
current waveform.
42'887 bytes

...this scope-photo of
the primary current will
be replaced by a better
one, when available.
18'458 bytes
An attempt has been 
taken, in attaining a better
understanding of induction
coils, based on a set
of 35 low-power tests,
literature and pspice-
modelling: please click
induction coil analysis
part, if interested.