20cm (8") Tesla Coil Elements & Twin Setup

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3 out of 4 
secondaries in
different states of
62'825 bytes

HV strength is
improved by
2 acrylic disks
glued to the inside
of each coil
12'632 bytes

View to one of
the acrylic disks.
6'358 bytes

Instead of a corona
ring a "corona winding"!
PVC flower pots are
easily adjustable standoff
insulators for the toroids.
13'559 bytes

Supports for the
primary are a wood
and pertinax sandwich
20'035 bytes

8 slots enable the
tapping of the primary.
16'233 bytes
finished primary
Finished primary.
The secondary has
a teflon-tape layer
at the lower end.
(probably inefficient!)
30'673 bytes

Other view of
finished primary.
45'627 bytes

16 edged polygon
Al-toroid, made by
Iraklis Galanis, Basel.
Robust and payable!
25'660 bytes

70cm x 20cm(cord)
Capacity ~ 30pF
36'094 bytes

Another pair of
toroids has been
25'434 bytes

Another view of
the 80cm toroid.
21'449 bytes

The professional
Aerovox caps are
~55nF /50kV each.
16'851 bytes

This static spark-
gap stems from the
HV lab of former 
See my gap-page!
37'993 bytes

One of the finished
8" TC's, ready for
system connection
16'810 bytes

Comparing the
5" vs. the 8" 
27'657 bytes

First twin setup.
Pic of 9.9.99
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21'898 bytes

View from
opposite side.
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24'292 bytes

...and from the
position of the
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35'193 bytes

Twin and me
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41'500 bytes

For size comparison:
I'm 162cm only.
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45'813 bytes

Twin tank circuit
with 2 Aerovox
serially connected
for ~27nF/100kV
Nov.6th, 1999
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46'594 bytes

2 PT's (16kV) in
parallel, as HV
supply Xfrmers.
51'443 bytes

Control unit for the
twin and other TC's.
See the extra page.
37'096 bytes