Volts in the Voltahalle...(1)

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Between June 20th and July 18th 2002, I had the opportunity to display the "Black & White" TC, as well as a few other HV toys (Andy's TC, my induction coil, Martins big jacobs ladder) in a public hall for culture "Voltahalle", called after Alessandro Volta, in the city of Basel: Nomen est omen, regarding Volts !

The coil  was operated at higher power (~14kW / ~17kVA) by doubling the value of primary capacitance (~218nF), compared to former displays of the coil. Free breakout on the toroid and really bright discharges were obtained, while, oddly enough, not much of additional sparklength was observable.

It was the first time, when some of the Tesla-activities of our informal group was echoed in the public media; first locally, then also (Swiss-) nationwide. In order of time, our coil appeared in newspaper "Basler Zeitung" ( July 5th), local Basel TV "Telebasel"/(news " 7vor7 ", July 15th), newspaper "Blick" (August 19th) and finally a LIVE-REPORT (via satellite connection) from Swiss TV  "SFDRS" / ("CH aktuell", October 9th 2002).  Press articles are in german language

to the right:

Basler Zeitung(BAZ) Article
Copyright Marc Gusewsky
reproduced with the friendly
 permission of the author
Basler Zeitung / Gusewsky Press
Press: BAZ
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Blick Press
Press: Blick
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to the left:

BLICK Article
by Mischa Hauswirth

Photos of  free leaders and connected sparks , ...perhaps what you were waiting for?
 Made by my friends and guests, within them: Stefan Kluge, Bernhard Utiger, Benjamin Meier.
A big "THANK YOU" for everybody, who was kindly making available his photos to me!

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to the left of the coil:
3 stacked insulators
+ an "antenna"
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39'764 bytes

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36'485 bytes

33'468 bytes
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Setting up the coil and Stefan Kluge's Vitamini ... a happy contrast !

  Mounting a bump
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37'417 bytes

Stefan Kluge & Kurt 
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Stefan's Vitamini.
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Showing the Voltahalle situation:
space (length=30m / widh=14m / heigth=12m) ...and some of our guests...

Voltahalle Glasfront
 Fence with warnings &
impressive glass wall
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64'526 bytes

Peter Maas (yellow)
 & Martin with guests 
35'527 bytes

Guests looking at
coil before showtime
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Bernhard Utiger
taking some shots
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Philipp Gisler, MD, Stefan Zierhut
Engineers meeting:
Philipp Gisler and
Stefan Zierhut with
 Martin Damev
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Martins mother
We enjoyed, having
Martin's mother with us
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