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This page shows a number of different demonstrations, shown to our guests, as well as Martin Damev's DC resonant charging experiment. Most of the pictures were taken by Stefan Kluge and guests Franz Jost, Bernhard Utiger, Chrigu. Thank you all!

Andreas Saile's Tesla Coil

Andi and his TC
48'701 bytes

81'358 bytes

42'581 bytes

1.3m (51") Spark
42'405 bytes

Martin Damev's Jacobsladder

JL time exposure
50'025 bytes

34'620 bytes

36'504 bytes

JL detail
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Martin Damev's DC-Resonant-Charging Experiment (July 13th-15th,2002)

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closer view of setup
58'171 bytes
before ignition
...before ignition!
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Air inductor
27mH air inductor
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Martin and DC charger and B&W

52'357 bytes
Xfrmr and 6pulse rectifier
Xfrmr 3ph.à 7800V and
6 pulse rectifier bridge
BBC diodes
50'393 bytes
charging reactor
charging reactor
52'597 bytes
clamp & reversal kickback diodes
30 x MUR4100E
clamp diode stack +
2 x E5700/2550-1,3
BBC diodes
29'192 bytes
Unfortunately, the
faint and "nervous"
~3m sparks were
photographed in
daylight, and toward
a white wall. Sorry!
Photos by Kurt.

DC-test: spark 1
51'669 bytes

DC-test: spark 2
53'105 bytes
The experiment was
 successful. Powerdraw
 close to the expected
~11kW. Here a coarse
Schematic Diagram

86'530 bytes

Induction Coil and Geissler Tube Demo's

15cm sparks
47'681 bytes

...frightened photographer
was shaking the camera
21'115 bytes

tube, filled with
0.5mbar of air
38'091 bytes

tube, filled with
5mbar of neon
21'115 bytes

Stefan, mounting
his Geisslertube
53'174 bytes

66'672 bytes

42'489 bytes

..first light
37'165 bytes

35'724 bytes

Geissler lighted
13'284 bytes

Geissler lighted
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On the pinwall: giving credit to NIKOLA TESLA,
 visitor information and WARNING POSTERS

Nikola: young and old
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our own advertisement
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Ear protection warning
Ear protection
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cardiac warning
Cardiac pacemaker
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