History of the Family

The history from the beginning.

As a result of many our working (not my work) it is possible to present the Zueger family history, especially the history from the family of Samson Zueger.
The family name "ZÜGER" has been seen back to the year
1305. The first official registration has been found in some church books about 1600.
The first registration in the village were made later.
The investigations for my family    found out, that we belong to a certain
Samson Züger, who married in the year 1646 a women called Maria Boss.
In this succession today, in the beginning of the 21th century,  we are living in the in the
10. Generation.
In the table below you can find just a simple list about the hole family, trough all the generations, starting from Samson and ending by ....

For flag of the family there are two different flags known.
(who can present two different family flags !)
1. On a blue painted background a white cross and two golden stars on each side. The white cross means a balance of a horse coach, wagon. So Zueger means the man who has guided the horse coach (the carrier). 
2. a slightly younger flag, with a swear hand, means a person working in a court. This job never has been used.
So the name
Züger is much closer with the profession of the carrier of horse coaches/wagons.
The Zügers with their relatives were living in the March (a region around Altendorf) working together in "clubs" called „Genossamen" in Sattelegg Siebnen, Wangen and also „Genossame Wägital„ (villages around Altendorf).
Some years with interesting facts.

  • 1146 in the war around Ragaz where killed Jacob Züger and Cuonrad Züger "uf der Heytteri" which means the area where they lived.

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