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  • 1734 M.L. Züger from Lachen was painting the ceiling of the church from Tuggen. There is also a oval pictures with a woman painted by a M.A. Züger (probably a descendant of M.L. Züger). This picture is placed in the national museum.
  • 1757 Joseph Alois Züger, a quit famos Pastor was born, first living in Lachen (from 1778 to 1786) then Kaplan in Netstal (from 1790 to 1806)
  • 1760 To the gothic altar in the church of Loulen a picture has been added with „the entrance of Maria in the heaven" from the painter Züger living in Lachen replaced.
  • 1970 the family name Züger is the wide-spread name in the region with 631 member, 185 where livining in Altendorf, 132 in Wangen (a part of this village is calling "the small village of the Zügers"), 76 in Galgenen, 70 in Vorderthal, 51 in Lachen, 49 in Tuggen, 46 in Schübelbach, 15 in Innerthal and 7 in Reichenburg.

Within this  Generationen Anton Züger (X. Generation 1828 - 1925 !!) was moving from Altendorf Kanton Schwyz (SZ) to Tuggen. In the church Wangen he has payed for a windows with the flag of the Züger family (blue background with a white cross). The flag with the red background and the swear hand can be found in the window of the church in Altendorf and Tuggen.
Starting with Anton (X. Generation) all his sons were moving to the east part in Switzerland and are starting a business with cheese and porks.
Thomas Züger (1867 - 1931) was marrying in Wangen moved to Baden and founded a milk store. After several other movements he finaly arrived in Kreuzlingen.
His son Thomas (1893 - 1937) born in Schübelbach married  Anna Müller in Oberwinterthur. They also moved several times. The last step was in February 1921 to Dietikon, with 5 Children.
The place were all the children were born is like a travel in the map of Switzerland. Thomas Jun. (1920) was born in Ramsen SH, Josef (1921) in Gallikon/Langnau, Anna (1922) and Anton (1923) in Winterthur and Fritz (1925) in Hirzel.

The reason of this travelling around was to find a job. During the time of the 1st world war, it was not easy to find something to eat.
More information will be put in later.

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