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Welcome at the web sites about the family Züger or Zueger, coming from Altendorf, Kanton Schwyz, in Switzerland.

We have put some information's about a family tree which is going back to year
1646 (see
Family tree and grafics).
It isn't a scientific work, it is just a summary of information we have found in and around our family.

What's the idea behind?

Caused by several hazards we have got the idea to put all the information we have from our parents, grandparents and other relatives in and out of Switzerland onto the internet and publish it to every body. It's a perfect medium for this kind of hobby and to make growing the sites.

This „Tree
" should become more leafs . We are sure, with a little help from all the hole Zueger family, it will be easy to grow up the web sites and put a lot of information around the family.

Many members of the Züger- or Zueger-Family are emigrated to all the different countries around the world a long time ago.
May be we can find some old relations from the far to the home.

Or who knows the relatives of Ken Züger, which were emigrated to the USA ?

You can reach us with
E-Mail (zueger@dtc.ch) very easily.
Or, please entry your greetings in the
Guestbook .
Or use the list of some known
Addresses to contact different members and friends from our family.

Looking for somebody or something ?
With a new tools like a
blackboard, you can publish a message for all the internet visitors!

With the help of the search engine below you can find everything what's in this pages. Looking for family names, city's or others.

A lot of fun while surfing trough this pages.

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Family tree

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