Here are some links to other Aziza sites on the World Wide Web. I also included some urls to pages
on general information about Azerbaijan, its culture, history, musical heritage, as well as some 
unauthorised reprints of newspaper articles. Where available, credits are mentioned.

If you have additional material that fits in here, please notify me. Many thanks!  


Fan pages:

Armin Theissen: Had one of the first Aziza Homepages. Check it out! *CLICK*

A fan page by Peter Schüler. *CLICK*

An extended fan page of music from Azerbaijan by Shahin Kourbanov. *CLICK*

A fan page for the linguistically versed, from Iceland! *CLICK*


Interesting article by Werner Wenzel (Frankfurter Hof, Mainz) in German. *CLICK*

A good article by Damon Rafferty from 1995. *CLICK*

Intelligent article and CD review of jazziza, by Stefan Oldenburg for The Jazz Pages, 1997.*CLICK*

A very interesting article about Aziza's father Vagif Mustafa Zadeh and his pioneering role in fusing 
Jazz and Mugam music, by his close friend Vagif Samadoglu, professional musician and poet. *CLICK*

Another short article on Vagif, by Emanuel Wenger. *CLICK*

Interesting concert announcement, also in German. *CLICK*

Article from a Swiss newspaper, a bit heavy on the "Aziza-as exotic-other" side, but otherwise okay. 

Good review of jazziza, and some general biographical info. This is an official article from Columbia as 
distributed by Bremme & Hohensee, thus in German. *CLICK*


From Azerbaijan International: an audio section with various Aziza tracks and useful information 
on obtaining Aziza's CDs*CLICK*


Also from Azerbaijan International: an exclusive interview with Aziza from 1996. *CLICK*

Press Reviews:

Various press reviews on Aziza, in German. *CLICK*

An enthusiastic review of Dance of Fire, unfortunately anonymous. *CLICK*

Short but interesting commentary on Aziza's music by Paul James. *CLICK*

Short review of jazziza. *CLICK*

A careful concert review in German, from the Berliner Zeitung, 1999. *CLICK*

Concert Info:

Bemme & Hohensee are Aziza concert agent's for Europe. Check out concert dates: *CLICK*

Mano-Music has this notification page for Aziza's concerts (restricted to Germany). *CLICK*

Music from Azerbaijan:

From Azerbaijan International, with lots of sound samples, a very extensive page. *CLICK*

Article dedicated to Fikrat Amirov, outstanding composer of classical Azerbaijani music, by 
Jala Garibova for Azerbaijan International, 1997. *CLICK*


General information on Azerbaijan:

Most extensive and up-to-date site about Azerbaijan, really interesting, this is Azerbaijan 

Insightful article on Azerbaijani's love for music, 1997 by Susan Cornnell for Azerbaijan 

An annotated walking tour through the old town of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, 1998 by 
Fuad Akhundov for Azerbaijan International, which includes the Vagif Mustafa Zadeh 
Home Museum. *CLICK*

An extensive page on various aspects of Azerbaijan. I have no idea who put it together... *CLICK*

Arts and Culture. *CLICK*

A fact sheet on the situation in Nagorno Karabagh, compiled by the Armenian Research Center, 
The University of Michigan - Dearborn, from April 1996. It's incredibly difficult to keep track on the 
development of this brutal war, let alone to find "objective" information on the situation. Depending 
on who you ask you get a whole different story. Just keep that in mind when reading... *CLICK*

A very interesting and insightful article on Azerbaijan's position in the Caucasus, by writer Gerald 
Robbins, for Vol. 27, Freedom Review. *CLICK*