Resident Character Map

CM32 in action...

CM32 v2.9.0.0 - Resident Character Map
(last update: January 1st, 2007)
• Character Map displays all of the characters for a selected font.
• Pastes any character into your current document.
• Special characters can be translated into their HTML-equivalents.
• More than a replacement for the Windows (9x/NT) character map "charmap".
• Many additional features!
• Ready for !
****** rated 6 duckies on Go NoNags!

Download: (ca. 44kB) or as self-extracting file: cm32su.exe (ca. 90kB)

International Keyboard
for Windows NT/2k/XP/Vista/7/10
IKB works with any European Language (based on Codepage 1252)
Coexistance with your national language keyboard driver.

Download (ca. 64kB), or as selfextracting archive  ikbsu.exe (ca. 121kB)
Fully functional english Freeware.

***** rated  5 duckies on Go NoNags!