Utilities - Hilfsprogramme

The utilities & tools on this page are Freeware. There's no warranty of any kind.
You may use them but you are not allowed to sell or rent any of these programs.
Publishers: Please send me a copy of your product!

The tools are 32-Bit (tested on Windows XP - 10, incl. x64 Versions). Updated: March 31st 2017
Optimized for minimal memory requirements. No additional DLL's needed!

No spyware, adware or similar crap! → SOFTPEDIA "100% CLEAN" AWARD


vhksu.exe (193kB,
self extracting)

(ca. 129kB)

Versatile Hotkey v3.9.0.2

for Windows (NT/2k/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10)
• Multimedia functionality for standard keyboards / Multimedia-Funktionen auf Standard-Tastaturen
• Text-Macros / Textmakros
• Unicode-Symbols & Diacritics / Unicode-Symbole & Diakritika
• Mini Start Menu   / Mini-Startmenü
• Use "Setup"-Menu for installation/uninstallation / Setup-Menü erlaubt Installation/Entfernen
• Minimal memory load / Minimale Speicheranforderung
• Automatically adapts to german/english locales / Automatische Anpassung an deutsche/englische Systeme.
Uneingeschränkt nutzbare deutsch/englischsprachige Freeware.
Fully functional english/german Freeware.

Versatile Hotkey - Systray / Taskbar
Versatile Hotkey:  Right click / Rechtsklick
(will adapt automatically to system language)

              Hotkey - Unicode Chars
Versatile Hotkey: Left click / Linksklick  (Hotkey: Win+Alt+i)

Versatile Hotkey -
              Start Menu / Startmenü
Versatile Hotkey: Win+Alt+A
(will adapt automatically to system language)

ubu.exe (25kB)

(ca. 24kB)

User-BackUp v1.0.0.0

• Simple Backup Program / Einfaches BackUp der Benutzerdaten
• Uses internal RoboCopy / Verwendet den Windows-Befehl RoboCopy
• Adapts to german/english locales / Anpassung an deutsche/englische Systeme.
Uneingeschränkt nutzbare deutsch/englischsprachige Freeware.
Fully functional english/german Freeware.

ikbsu.exe (121kB,
self extracting)

ikb.zip (64kB)

IKB - International Keyboard

for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
• IKB works with any European Language (based on Codepage 1252)
• Coexistance with your national language keyboard driver.
• Hint: Some antivirus programs see IKB as a keylogger (of course it isn't!).
   Just add an exception rule / whitelist:
   "c:\Program Files (x86)\Bigler\IKB\" (x64-Windows).
   "c:\Program Files\Bigler\IKB\" (x86-Windows, older machines).

IKB - International Keyboard
Download ikb.zip (ca. 60kB), or as selfextracting archive  ikbsu.exe (ca. 117kB)
Fully functional Freeware. (auto adapting En/De/Es/Fr GUI)

***** rated  5 duckies on
Go NoNags!

DriveSU.exe (90kB,
self extracting)

1Drive v1.0.0.0

• OneDrive as Virtual Drive (Letter O:)
• works even on Windows 8/10 with a local account
Fully functional multilingual (en/de/es) Freeware.

IvFotos.exe (90kB,
self extracting)

IvFoto v2.0.0.3

• Automatic Screenshots and Fotocopies with IrfanView.
Fully functional german Freeware.

7zEncSU.exe (90kB,
self extracting)

7zEnc v1.0.0.1

• Secure Encryption with / Sichere Verschlüsselung mit 7-Zip.
• On-demand Shell Extension (=no additional memory load)
• Integrated small Install/Uninstall. Intergrierte Installation/Deinstallation.
Fully functional Freeware. (auto adapting german/english GUI)
Secure Encryption with 7zEnc Sichere Verschlüsselung mit 7zEnc
7zEnc - Secure Encryption / Sichere Verschlüsselung

VlcDVD.zip (22kB)

VlcDVD v2.5

• Simply back-up your Video-DVDs with VLC media player (the best media player you can get...)
Fully functional Freeware.

CH-Webradio (88kB)

CH-Webradio v1.8.0.7

• Swiss Web Radio  - Plays & records Web Radio using VLC media player
Fully functional Freeware.
zFonts in Action
Swiss Web Radio / Schweizer Webradio im Einsatz

(95kB, with installer)

zfonts.zip (30kB)

zFonts - Font Viewer v1.1.0.0

• Quick preview of all installed fonts.
• Lists ANSI/Unicode and Symbol-fonts with or without AntiAliasing effect.
• HTML-sample page generator.
• Installer included.
Fully functional Freeware. (auto adapting En/De GUI)

zFonts in Action
zFonts in Action / zFonts im Einsatz

(221kB, sfx)

(ca. 180kB)

TabList v1.5.0.0

• Betrachter für tabellarische Listen
• Schnellsuche
• Ideal für Wörterlisten & Tabellen
• Mit Installer/Deinstaller.
Uneingeschränkt nutzbare deutschsprachige Freeware.

(ca. 17kB)

vSubst v1.8.0.2 - 32-Bit-SUBST

Creates drive-letters for any folders on your harddisk. Useful to create virtual drives e.g. on laptops.
Allows easy removal of all virtual folders (= Visual 32-Bit-SUBST-Command).
• Some copy-protected CD-ROMs check for the physical presence of a disk...
• Volume-Label is always identical to the host label.
• vSubst just creates a virtual drive like the old subst-command - nothing more or less.
• Tested on Windows 7 (32-Bit).
Fully functional english Freeware.     ***** rated 5 duckies on Go NoNags!


Lame123 v1.5

Simple GUI for L.A.M.E. Fully functional english Freeware.


Ogg123 v1.1

Simple GUI for Ogg Vorbis.Fully functional english Freeware.


Locale v1.3

Displays local setting, dates, string, currency etc. Fully functional english Freeware.


UniKey 1.6

(as published in c't 98/12)
Unicode Keyboard-Input for Windows 9x/NT/2k.
Supports all RTF-Wordprocessors (e.g. WordPad98, WinWord97/2k).
Fully functional english Freeware.


WGL4Key 1.8

Pan-European Unicode Keyboard-Input for Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP.
Easy access all 652 characters of the new Truetype-fonts.
Supports all RTF-Wordprocessors (e.g. WordPad98, WinWord >97).
Fully functional english Freeware.

How come your programs are that small?

I started coding back in the eighties using Borland's Turbo Pascal 3.
In the 90s Borland's Delphi 2 Standard Edition became my favourite language.
Delphi is the most successful Pascal-dialect worldwide. Part
of its success is the VCL (Visual Component Library) which
allows even unexperienced people to write stable Windows-
applications. The only drawback is their size. A simple "Hello World"
results in a EXE somewhere between 170kB and 350kB depending
on the Delphi-Version used!
That's why I avoid using the VCL. I write old-style Pascal-
code instead (nonVCL)- the same way I did it with Turbo Pascal twenty years ago.
I won't publish my code but here's a code-snippet with the principle.

In 2010 I started using the superior Free Pascal compiler.
On x64-Windows I use Melanders Resource Editor.
As in Delphi I don't use the DCL/FCL, it's still pure Object Pascal...