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Started May 15, 2000 (by Paul Davidson, VE3UUM). Last update July 7, 2005 (by Thomas Frey, HB9SKA)

I have found that many Amateurs have submitted information for the Ham/2 page but have the idea that they are the only Amateurs that use OS/2. This list is here to disprove this idea.

If you would like to be on the list, send an e-mail with your name, callsign, version of OS/2 that you use along with a short comment and I will post your info here. Please note that because of privacy concerns, I will only post E-mail addresses if you explicitly ask me to do so. Also added on May 21, 2000 a line for your AX.25 packet address so if you want that posted please drop me a line.

Some users have noted a personal web page of interest, I have now tried to include those. If I missed anybody's page please send me another e-mail.

Stations are listed in order of entry to the web page. Oldest first, newest last.

OS/2 Enabled Hams

  1. Callsign: VE3BZY
    Name: Richard Hobson
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 Warp3 fix 40 and Warp 4
    Comment: OS/2 a stable friend, a Thoroughbred
    E-mail: ve3bzy(at)rac.ca
    AX.25 Packet:

  2. Callsign: N7HIT
    Name: John Drabik
    OS/2 Version: Multiple Machines (Warp 3 & 4)
    Comment: OS/2 is still the best
    E-mail: jdrabik(at)xmission.com
    AX.25 Packet:

  3. Callsign: N3JJA
    Name: Jim Nuytens
    OS/2 Version: Warp 4 and FP 12
    Comment: We need more Java-based Ham apps
    E-mail: n3jja(at)csi.com
    AX.25 Packet:

  4. Callsign: WA3FIB
    Name: Albert Schwartz
    OS/2 Version: I have used OS/2 Warp ?? Years
    E-mail: aldel(at)attglobal.net
    AX.25 Packet:

  5. Callsign: KC5VSU
    Name: Sue Ann Delk
    OS/2 Version: Warp 4 FP12
    Comment: Why would you use anything else?
    AX.25 Packet:

  6. Callsign: KC5VQH
    Name: Allan Hall
    OS/2 Version: 3 Warp 4 machines, FP12
    Comment: Why would you use anything else?
    AX.25 Packet:

  7. Callsign: KC5MLE
    Name: Scott Lambert
    OS/2 Version: 3 connect, 4 FP 12, 3 server, and 3 advanced SMP
    Comment: In Russellville, AR
    E-mail: slambert(at)os2warp.org
    AX.25 Packet:

  8. Callsign: VE3FAM
    Name: Frank McKnight
    OS/2 Version: I currently run WARP Connect , WARP 4 and Warp Server for E-Business on a variety of Machines from a 486 -33 to a Huge ALR 6 Processor PPro 200 MHz Server.
    Comment: I have been using OS/2 since version 2.0 back as far as 1992. In all its years of service to me, OS/2 has proved to be the most stable and productive OS around.
    E-mail: paragon(at)ntl.sympatico.ca
    AX.25 Packet:

  9. Callsign: WD8DJB
    Name: Dave Johnson
    OS/2 Version: Warp4 FP 12 at home and work
    Comment: OS/2 Application Programmer since Version 2
    E-mail: wd8djb(at)arrl.net
    AX.25 Packet:

  10. Callsign: VA7PB
    Name: Phil Baker
    OS/2 Version: Currently running Warp 4.0 FP13
    Comment: OS/2 has been running here 24/7 at VE7BPH since ver 2.1
    E-mail: pbaker(at)jetstream.net
    AX.25 Packet:

  11. Callsign: KB9REO
    Name: Jim Lattis
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 Warp 4
    Comment: have been using OS/2 for home and office since ver. 1.2
    AX.25 Packet:

  12. Callsign: K2ASP
    Name: Phil Kane
    OS/2 Version: WARP 4 FP 12 on a Celeron/350
    Comment: Ham since 1952 OS/2 User since 1992
    E-mail: k2asp(at)arrl.net
    AX.25 Packet:

  13. Callsign: VE3SJV
    Name: John Lindsay
    OS/2 Version: eComStation (networked)
    Comment: Have been using Warp since 95 and find it to be the most stable OS I have ever used
    E-mail: jclind(at)sentex.net
    AX.25 Packet:

  14. Callsign: VE3TJD
    Name: Tedd Doda
    OS/2 Version: I have 2 Warp4 machines, one Warp Server machine
    Comment: Have been running FBB packet software under Warp 3/4 for over 5 years, and using OS/2 since 2.0. I just laugh at the Windows guys (what's a crash!!).
    E-mail: ve3tjd(at)rac.ca
    AX.25 Packet: va3sed@va3sed.#swon.on.can.noam (DOS FBB under W4) or ve3sed@ve3sed.#swon.on.can.noam (Linux box, telnet forwarding only)

  15. Callsign: VE2MXO
    Name: Michel Ouellet
    OS/2 Version: WarpServer for e-Business
    Comment: From 1.2 to 4.5 non-stop
    E-mail: ve2mxo(at)amsat.org
    AX.25 Packet:

  16. Callsign: G3RXS
    Name: Bill Scarlett
    OS/2 Version:
    Comment: Program call to load Windows- "Here_piggy_piggy_piggy"
    E-mail: bill(at)eldwick.u-net.com
    AX.25 Packet: G3RXS@GB7KLY

  17. Callsign: DL3SDW / KC2ELI
    Name: Oliver A. Durm
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 Version: WARP4 + FixPack 10
    Comment: have been using OS/2 since V2.0. It is still the best OS.
    E-mail: dl3sdw(at)amsat.org
    Website: http://www.durm.org
    AX.25 Packet: DL3SDW@DB0LX.#BW.DEU.EU

  18. Callsign: G0RGJ
    Name: Roger Provins
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 Version Warp4 FP12
    Comment: Been using OS/2 since 2.1
    E-mail: rogprov(at)aol.com
    AX.25 Packet: G0RGJ@GB7GLO, TCPIP Packet: g0rgj(at)g0rgj.ampr.org

  19. Callsign: HB9SKA
    Name: Thomas Frey
    OS/2 Version: eComStation 1.2R
    Comment: Because of lack of HAMapps for OS/2 I use eCS / OS/2 also with Odin to test Win32 HAM-Soft.
    E-mail: hb9ska(at)amsat.org
    Website: http://home.datacomm.ch/th.frey/
    AX.25 Packet: HB9SKA@HB9PD.CHE.EU

  20. Callsign: W8JG
    Name: John Gallucci
    OS/2 Version: Warp 4 w/ FP12
    Comment: Great operating system, been using OS/2 since 1992
    E-mail: j2(at)kokosing-inc.com
    AX.25 Packet:

  21. Callsign: VE7LDB
    Name: David Butt
    OS/2 Version: Warp 4 FP 11
    Comment: Upgraded from DOS 5 to OS/2 Warp 3 and haven't looked back!
    E-mail: dfbutt(at)bulkley.net
    AX.25 Packet:

  22. Callsign: VE7CJA
    Name: Jim Custy
    OS/2 Version:
    Comment: I'm not active on ham radio at present due to a variety of reasons but I use OS/2 Warp 4 for business and pleasure exclusively. I was on packet for awhile years ago.
    AX.25 Packet:

  23. Callsign: KB7NMU
    Name: Chris Kennedy
    OS/2 Version: Warp 4 fp13
    Comment: Don't work much with radio, but always working with OS/2
    E-mail: kb7nmu(at)home.com
    AX.25 Packet:

  24. Callsign: DG5MKI
    Name: Juergen Dankoweit
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 Warp4 Fix6, Warp-Server
    Comment: I'm Microsoft free! Writing Apps for OS/2-Hams (WeatherFax,TRX-Control)
    E-mail: Juergen.Dankoweit(at)T-Online.de
    AX.25 Packet:

  25. Callsign: IK3OIJ
    Name: Pietro Canevarolo
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 sinc v. 1.2 now Warp 4.0 fp 12
    Comment: Not very active this year, but who knows?
    AX.25 Packet:

  26. Callsign: PA0SHY
    Name: Sjoerd Ypma
    OS/2 Version: Warp 4 fixpack 12; runs on a P133 with 72 Mb RAM
    Comment: I use it for already some years to hook on to a DX-cluster via NOS; it never fails !
    AX.25 Packet:

  27. Callsign: K5ZT
    OS/2 Version: OS2 VERSION: WARP 4 FP13
    AX.25 Packet:

  28. Callsign: KA9LXP
    Name: Mark Brueggemann
    OS/2 Version: Running Warp 4 on the home and work desktops, plus a ThinkPad
    Comment: President, OS/2 User's Group of New Mexico Started with OS/2 2.0 in 1992, been MS free ever since.
    E-mail: ka9lxp(at)arrl.net
    Website: www.qsl.net/ka9lxp/
    AX.25 Packet:

  29. Callsign: S57HCY
    Name: Kreso
    OS/2 Version: WSeB
    Comment: OS/2 user since 1.3. Used for everything. Only usable OS today.
    E-mail: kbuben(at)canberra.com
    AX.25 Packet:

  30. Callsign: KL7JL
    Name: John Stannard
    OS/2 Version: Warp3/4
    Comment: IP Address Coord. for Alaska; running full-service JNos BBS/tcp node on 145.01, 147.96, 3.605, 14.098
    E-mail: stannard(at)alaska.net
    AX.25 Packet: KL7JL@KL7JL.AK.USA.NOAM; kl7jl.ampr.org []

  31. Callsign: KG4GZG
    Name: Andrew Barbour
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 Warp 4.5 fixpack 14
    Comment: I have been using OS/2 since version 2.0
    E-mail: andrew555(at)mindspring.com
    AX.25 Packet:

  32. Callsign: KI7RW
    Name: Lee Roberts
    OS/2 Version: I have been using OS/2 Warp 3 for many years. I'm planning on upgrading to Warp 4 by ordering from Indelible-Blue on July 3, 2000. I maintain OS/2 version 1.3 at work and it is very stable, also.
    Comment: I'm using the OS/2 Boot Manager since I need to run Windows NT Workstation, also, since my computer science course is Windows (32-bit) based
    E-mail: ki7rw(at)arrl.net
    AX.25 Packet:

  33. Callsign: DL4BAP
    Name: Charly
    OS/2 Version: Warp 3 with Fixpak 35 and Warp 4 with Fixpak 8
    Comment: I'm use OS/2 to 80 %. Started to use Linux Suse last year
    E-mail: dl4bap(at)on-line.de
    AX.25 Packet:

  34. Callsign: KB6LWN [CM88]
    Name: Bruce
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 Warp v3 Connect (Red)
    Comment: I *AM* where I want to go today...
    AX.25 Packet: kb6lwn@solake.ampr.org []

  35. Callsign: KC2GMW
    Name: Ramsay D. Seielstad
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 Warp4
    Comment: I'm Microsoft free since 1989 and a newly sheepskined swine!! Tried & True OS/2 Blue since 1989.
    E-mail: mrhuey(at)worldnet.att.net
    AX.25 Packet: kc2gmw@N2TY.FN32BQ.NY.USA.NA

  36. Callsign: HG1DFB
    Name: Biro Tamas
    OS/2 Version:
    Comment: OS/2 'fanatic' user from 2.11 :-), Now I wait for eComStation and if arrive I will upgrade immediately.
    E-mail: hg1dfb(at)freemail.hu , birot(at)swi.hu
    AX.25 Packet:

  37. Callsign: WA1ZRI
    Name: Roger Ward
    OS/2 Version: 3.0
    Comment: I have been an OS/2 user since 1.3. I currently run 3.0 and expect to upgrade to 4.0 in the next few months.
    E-mail: WA1ZRI(at)arrl.net
    AX.25 Packet:

  38. Callsign: N9OO
    Name: Don Buska
    OS/2 Version: 2 Warp 4 machines, one at work and one in the ham shack at home.
    Comment: My webpage http://www.qsl.net/n9oo/ was written exclusively using Homepage Publisher for OS/2 (great program). Been using OS/2 since version 2.0, currently only one using it here at work (NT Network - WIN office), do have a WIN98 system here for those needs that can't be addressed by OS/2 (only 2% of the time for special database application apps). Although, I do display my WIN98 laptops screen on the OS/2 machine using VNC!
    E-mail: n9oo(at)qsl.net
    Website: http://www.qsl.net/n9oo/
    AX.25 Packet:

  39. Callsign: N5ARW
    Name: James True
    OS/2 Version: 4
    Comment: I have been using OS/2 as my main operating system, both in ham radio and my business since V1.2. I run Warp 4 on all my machines now.
    AX.25 Packet:

  40. Callsign: PA0HWN
    Name: Johan van der Houwen
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 Warp4 (V2.4.5) next is eCs
    Comment: OS/2 since V1.3 (mostly programming in assembler)
    E-mail: j.a.v.d.houwen(at)hccnet.nl
    AX.25 Packet:

  41. Callsign: WB9ZPH
    Name: Janet Gobeille Crenshaw
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 Warp4
    Comment: I maintain the Garland Amateur Radio Club website: http://www.qsl.net/garc/. Will be using OS/2 for a packet station
    E-mail: janet11(at)airmail.net
    AX.25 Packet:

  42. Callsign: KG4MVC
    Name: Steve Hobbie
    OS/2 Version: WARP 4 FP15
    Comment: HPFS and REXX, Solid.
    AX.25 Packet:

  43. Callsign: WA4ZLW
    Name: Leon D Zetekoff
    OS/2 Version: WSeB + ACP, Warp 4.0 + FP15(?)
    E-mail: wa4zlw(at)wr4ayc.org
    AX.25 Packet: (currently offline)

  44. Callsign: 4N4DA
    Name: Sinisa Pavlovic
    OS/2 Version: Warp 4 FP14, soon to be 15 though
    Comment: Not very active last several years, but hope to improve. :-)
    E-mail: 4n4da(at)qsl.net
    AX.25 Packet: (Not yet, hope that our packet network will improve in 2002)

  45. Callsign: KB8POA
    Name: Walter Gunstrom
    OS/2 Version: 2.1, Warp 3 & 4
    Comment: I've been running my MFNOS BBS and Convers server under OS/2 2.1 for almost four years now. In that time, the box has not crashed once!! I also run Warp 3 & 4 on some other boxes around the house.
    E-mail: kb8poa(at)k2mf.intac.com
    AX.25 Packet: kb8poa@w8hhf.#nwoh.oh.usa.noam (kb8poa@bbs.kb8poa.ampr.org on AmprNet)

  46. Callsign: KG4RRH
    Name: Mike Stilz
    OS/2 Version: 4.51 (eCS)
    Comment: QTH is Lexington KY. USA
    E-mail: kg4rrh(at)qsl.net
    Website: http://www.qsl.net/kg4rrh/
    AX.25 Packet:

  47. Callsign: N7NVI
    Name: Kent Hunter
    OS/2 Version:
    Comment: os2 user for over 5 years. QTH; Honolulu, HI
    E-mail: N7NVI(at)cs.com
    AX.25 Packet:

  48. Callsign: AB2OS
    Name: Alan Beagley
    OS/2 Version: eComStation (Warp 4.51)
    E-mail: abeagley(at)optonline.net
    Website: N/A
    AX.25 Packet: N/A

  49. Callsign: G1BYY
    Name: Howard Winter
    OS/2 Version: eComStation 1.0 and 1.1 (effectively OS/2 Warp 4.5)
    Comment: I am a UK reseller of eComStation - ask me about it if interested!
    E-mail: HDRW(at)h2org.demon.co.uk
    AX.25 Packet:

  50. Callsign: DC6AP
    Name: Andreas Peters
    OS/2 Version: eComStation 1.2
    Comment: I don't think that OS/2 is the best OS, I know OS/2 is the best OS.
    E-mail: apetersbuv(at)gmx.de
    AX.25 Packet:

  51. Callsign: KD5COL
    Name: Sean Dennis
    OS/2 Version: Warp 4.52 (MCP2)
    Comment: OS/2 and ham radio: a terrific combination!
    E-mail: sean.dennis(at)earthlink.net
    AX.25 Packet:

  52. Callsign: LA9BOA
    Name: Jan Magne Landsvik
    OS/2 Version: eComStation 1.2
    Comment: Abandoned windoze with os/2 mid 2.1, and never looked back!
    E-mail: jan.magne(at)bbb.no
    AX.25 Packet:

  53. Callsign: KF6SNJ
    Name: Christopher Lee Rose
    OS/2 Version: OS/2 Warp 4
    Comment: Dropped Windows for Linux in 2001, now running Linux and OS/2 in Happy Unison
    E-mail: mrchrisrose(at)yahoo.com
    Website: http://kf6snj.tripod.com
    AX.25 Packet:



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