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Useful tips on using OS/2 in Amateur Radio
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OS/2 Amateur Radio Tips

These tips will help Amateur Operators get more from OS/2.

Using Supermorse under OS/2

I have found that with older versions of Supermorse and a Pentium 150, that the hardware timer should be on to get timing right. Occasionally a character sounds funny, such as a leading or trailing dah becomes a dit, or dits are missed, but this is fairly rare. It is more like real code :-)

With my newer Cyrix MII 366 and Supermorse 4.16, the hardware timer should be off. or else the characters are often mangled in a maner similar to the previous paragraph. In any case you might want to experiment with the hardware timer and see what happens on your system.

This is a timing sensitive program, so running it on a multitasking system means that other programs will want the processor also. Make sure that you are not running processor intensive programs in the background that will ruin timing. Running Supermorse in full screen mode will also help.

Using WinAPRS under OS/2

Despite what has been published otherwise, WinAPRS is successfully running under OS/2! I tried this Under Warp 4.5 (FixPack 14) with Win32s 1.25. If you can get it to run on Fix 13 or earlier let me know.

I Downloaded WinAPRS version 2.4.6 to try to see if it would boot under ODIN. When it was downloaded I clicked on the icon and low and behold it started without ODIN! I think there may be some changes in Warp since Fix13 or 14 that allow this to happen but since I did this under Fix14, I can not say about Fix13. I am not about to back level to Fix13 just to find out but if anyone out there using Fix13 would like to give it a shot please contact me with your results Thomas Frey, HB9SKA.

-Screen shot of WinAPRS running underOS/2-
Screen shot of WinAPRS under OS/2 Warp 4.5 Fixpack 14 Larger view, size 190k

Win APRS Updates

  • After exchanging some info at the e-Groups' Ham/2 discussion group with Guillermo G. Lloréns LU8EYW and Thomas Frey HB9SKA, I am not as sure that fixpacks have anything to do with this. I have tried both WinAPRS 2.2.7.and 2.4.6 and they both seem to run under Win-OS/2 with Win32s 1.25 on my FP14 machine and also with ODIN but they seem to be limited to 640x480 pixels with ODIN Alpha dated August 8, 2000. Further investigation is in order.

  • I have since been able to adjust the window size of WinAPRS under ODIN but I must choose the resize and move options from the window's menu and not simply drag a corner ... I presume this is a reflection of the August 8 build of ODIN. This ODIN build refuses to let WinAPRS talk to my Com Ports so it's still not working in this form. It does work as promised under Win-OS/2 though.

Get WinAPRS at the WinAPRS FTP site.

Java and Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Java/Javascript FAQ can be found as part of the Babbage Home Page. Please understand that this page is dated and I hope to supppliment or replace it with a more up to date document in the future. If there are any volunteers for this chore let me know.



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