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Welcome to my home page.

You'll find some tips about energy saving (related to Computer, Hi-Fi and other stuff) and some basics about home cinema on this website. I've also added a few links to some other websites, that might be of some value for you.

And here are some pictures taken on a vacation trip to Mauritius in September 1997: A selection of my vacation pictures of Mauritius. I even managed to put another selection of my vacation pictures on the web after all these years: More pictures of Mauritius. I've visited this country again in October 2000 and I did not regret it at all (I'll add some new vacation pictures later).

Home Cinema

My newly added page covers some facts and figures about large projection TVs. Useful if you're planning to set up your own home cinema system. Ever heard of Video CDs? They're cheap, reliable, can be played back on almost every computer and in most of the today's available DVD players. And they don't take up a lot of storage requirements. VCDs don't fade over time and do look better than VHS tapes (with better sound as well). If you're interested in more, click onto my new VCD link.

Some links to other sites on the Web Short description
Fun pages
Dilbert and his friends Fun at work with Dilbert and his friends. Comics by Scott Adams.
Friends Official episode guide.
Apple Computer Inc. Apple Computer Yes, computer can be fun, sometimes (at least Apple Computers). And don't forget to check out Apple iCards.
Alain Barthe's Home Page Not just for fun only, an Animés delight with lots of travel tips for Japan lovers!
Sherman's Lagoon Meet Sherman the cruel shark and his friends at their lagoon. A new comic strip every day, created by Jim Toomey.
Yahoo greetings Send webcards with style to a loved one.
Blumen Oase A nice Swiss flower shop. Online orders available. (English-German word translator) In need of ay word translation from German to English? is your answer. Easy to use and very accurate. Just try it out and you be surprised, it really works
 Environmental links  
The Rainforest Site Please click on this link once a day to help to fund a land preservation to save endangered rainforests.  It's free and it's highly recommended!
WWF Global Network Not just for panda lovers only .
Human research links  
Folding@home Distributed Computing Folding@Home is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases. Please support this Stanford University research project. They need all the help they can get to to calculate how human proteins are folded. More information can be found at their home page.

Folding@home helps the human race to conquer deseases and to understand life on earth. Participate today and download the latest Folding@home software client. And the best part is: it's not slowing down your CPU at all, the software does it's calculations only  if the CPU is idle (and an idling CPU is generally not doing anything really useful while  waiting for your keystrokes or mouse clicks, so let's help to give every idle CPU on this planet a really useful meaning  :-).



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