Tesla Coil "Black & White"

A prelimimnary plan of my new coil can be seen on the schematic to the right hand side of this text. The design has been inspired by  John Freau's design rules. By good luck I have been able to aquire most of the important components for this bigger hobby-coil: 4 PT's (16kV), heavy Variacs, 3 Maxwell caps (0.3uF/100kV), a heavy static gap . An SRSG was made...The coil should "digest" about 8...16 kVA.
Actual Secondary Data:

     diameter               40cm (15.75") 
length of former  195cm (77")
length of winding 177cm (70")
number of turns        821       .
inductance (exper.)  54.6 mH

        Fo.res, bare (exper.)  119 kHz
        Fo.res, w.top (exper.)  69 kHz


Toroid Rotary Gap