What's new at this site:
3 Webpages about the B&W public display at Basel's "Voltahalle"
Homepage modified (and counter with > 9000 hits lost).
28/Feb/2002 Movie(1) added: 8inch-Twin sparking 2m in my basement lab. 
See: Movie1 , or start at Animation (350k gif) , for download or display.
31/Dec/2001 Several new pages about Spark Induction Coils
31/Dec/2000 Dec 4th 2000, more spark pictures at Technorama -tests of B&W
18/Nov/2000 First light pictures of Black&White TC 
Pictures of new, Finn Hammer style, Synchronous Rotary gap
Second light spark pictures at Technorama -show of B&W
30/Apr/2000 Winding the 40cm diameter secondary of Black&White TC
Manufacturing big 160/40cm Toroid for B&W
Pictures of Primary-Base for B&W
30/Dec/1999 Site launched