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August 2014
Fixed a number of links. The old FAQ, which was mainly for the now mostly dead newsgroup rec.music.theory, was removed from menu. It will eventually be removed from here.
June 2007
19-tone equal temperament - a first example for the natural application of the modulation theory in alternative tunings.
July 2005
Added a page about motif classification in Z5 x Z5 and Z10 x Z10.
October 2004
The page on the whole-tone scale is now available in english.
April 2004
Section about neutral triads added in the chapter on harmonic structures.
June 2003
No news concerning this site directly - but good news for MaMuTh: The Topos of Music, Guerino Mazzola's new book, has been published at last! (Actually already last year, but I thought I should mention it here...) What started as an english translation of "Geometry der Töne" was then vastly enlarged to cover the scientific progress since 1990 and now represents the current state of the art in mathematical music theory as well as music informatics.
April 2003
Finally found the time to extend the mathematics, part 3 part of my thesis - the proof of the central theorem is outlined now. Also added: some investigations about classification of motifs in different measures. The latter is in german only.
October 2001
Yet another harmonic structure, quite bizarre this time: based on the whole-tone scale, but with similar properties as harmonic minor. For now only in German.
May 2001
English version of the page about Scale 57.
February 2001
Another example of a harmonic structure in the way of "On-To-Sû, So-Na-Ta", but slightly more exotic - with a short music example: Scale 57. For now only in German.
August 2000
Explanation of the theory "On-To-Sû, So-Na-Ta" is based on now available in English, too.
Mai 2000
Added: "On-To-Sû, So-Na-Ta", an experimental composition based on a slightly different harmonic structure. An explanation of the theory beneath it is provided (but for now only in German).
April 2000
Site moved to new server http://home.datacomm.ch. Visit counter (which had reached about 350 til now) is reset.
November 1999
Added: another part of my thesis: Mathematics, part 3. Thesis converted to HTML.
July 1999
The MaMuTh page goes online. The music theory FAQ starts to evolve.

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